Syria Crisis April 2017 Humanitarian Results

• UNICEF reached 408,800 people in 243 hard-to-reach locations in Syria with life-saving interventions and critical WASH, education, health and nutrition and child protection services and delivered supplies for 12,200 beneficiaries in 12 besieged areas. Items from Interagency Emergency Health Kits, diarrheal disease sets, paediatric kits and midwifery kits were removed from inter-agency convoys to […]

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Health workers stake all to vaccinate children in Syrian Ar-Raqqa

Vaccinating children against polio in Ar-Raqqa is a story of innovation in accessing children in some of the most no-go areas. Since the outbreak of polio in Syria in late 2013 that resulted in 36 recorded cases in the country, massive vaccination campaigns supported by UNICEF under the banner of ‘Together Ending Polio’ have been […]

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In Lebanon, mobile medical units provide life-saving care

By Miriam Azar As severe winter weather makes living conditions for Syrian refugees even more difficult, health workers in Lebanon mobilize to provide critical assistance. BEKAA VALLEY, Lebanon, 17 February 2015 – Removing her shoe, a Syrian woman dangles her foot over a small fire while her husband crouches and rubs his hands together. Nearby, […]

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Mobile Medical Units to the rescue: roaming teams provide life-saving care

By Miriam Azar BEIRUT, 11th February 2015 – Removing her shoe, a middle-aged Syrian refugee woman dangles her foot over a small fire, while her husband crouches, rubbing his hand against each other. Nearby, washed clothes hung over a line sway in the freezing breeze, drying at a snail’s pace. Living in makeshift tents in […]

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From refugee to vaccinator: the story of Feria

By Alexandre Brecher Iraqi Kurdistan, March 20, 2014 – It is early morning in Gawilan refugee camp in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Feria, 31 years old, readies herself for the day`s work. She is one of the many refugees who fled violence in Syria to find shelter in neighbouring Iraqi Kurdistan. She left Damascus 18 months […]

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