Distribution of UNICEF blankets to families in Lattakia

LATTAKIA, Syria, 2 January 2014 – As winter continues to batter Syria, having brought snow to some areas and widespread cold temperatures, UNICEF is providing winter supplies to help keep children and families warm. The winter weather worsens the already difficult living conditions for children and families caught up in the crisis. Some 9.3 million […]

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UN convoy crosses conflict line to reach vulnerable children and families with emergency supplies

Field Diary By Michele Al Kaae, UNICEF Emergency Officer Tartous, 29 December 2013 – I took part in a recent UN convoy that delivered much-needed relief supplies to a hard-to-reach area of rural Idleb, in Syria’s north-west An estimated 40,000 displaced people have taken shelter in Khan Shikhon town, in the southern part of the […]

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Children seek emergency shelter in UNICEF spaces after winter storms rip through Za’atari camp

By Melanie Sharpe ZA’ATARI, Jordan, 16 December, 2013— This morning I visited one of the child friendly spaces in Za’atari camp now sheltering women and children whose tents were destroyed in the vicious winter storms currently ripping through the Middle East. “Please, please can you get us a caravan?” said nine-year-old Lojain as soon as I […]

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Syria: Anatomy of an Outbreak

Syria’s example shows that polio anywhere is a threat to children everywhere. It also shows how quickly and devastatingly children’s health can be impacted by conflict, even in a country with well-established healthcare. Only 52% of Syrian children aged 12-23 months had received three doses of the polio vaccine by the year 2012, as the […]

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Polio immunization effort aims to reach all Syrian children

By Razan Rashidi DAMASCUS, Syria, 19 December 2013 – The largest-ever immunization campaign in the Middle East has recently been underway, with the aim to vaccinate more than 23 million children against polio in the region, including in the Syrian Arab Republic, where 17 cases of polio were confirmed as of the end of November. […]

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Vital UNICEF supplies airlifted to Syria

By Chris Niles ERBIL, Iraq 18 December 2013 —The first-ever UNICEF humanitarian airlift of critical supplies has left from Iraq to Qamishly, in north eastern Syria. The plane, a chartered Iluyshin IL-76, was carrying nearly 22 metric tonnes of water, hygiene and medical kits for Syrian children and their families, replenishing depleted warehouses. 

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UNICEF drawing by eight-year-old Amal,

Conflict-affected child’s heart-felt drawing thanks UNICEF

By David Youngmeyer Tartous, Syria, 17 December 2013 – A UNICEF staff member was making a regular visit to a shelter for displaced families in Tartous, a city in western Syria, when a child approached him with an unusual message. “People at the shelter often come up to me to talk about their situation and thank […]

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Sisters Shwarfakheli and Hadiakheli

Twenty to a tent

By Chris Niles DOHUK, Iraq, 10 December 2013 — Hadiakheli and Shwarfakheli, two women living in Domiz refugee camp in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, don’t know how old they are. When asked, they discuss it briefly. Finally Shwarfakhel says “34?”, making a stab at her older sister’s age. It’s just a guess, because as Kurds […]

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Syrian refugee children in Iraq.

UNICEF launches biggest ever funding appeal for children of Syria

Amman, 17 December 2013 – UNICEF is seeking $835 million to fund its response to the urgent humanitarian needs of children affected by the Syria crisis in 2014.

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2-year-old Roza laughs

Winter in Iraq for children of Syria

By Chris Niles Sulimaniyah, Iraq, 9 December 2013 —“Her name is Roza. She’s two, and she’s a troublemaker,” says her mother, Iman.

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Thirteen-year-old Amira

Flooding in Za’atari refugee camp – three children of Syria tell their story

By Melanie Sharpe, UNICEF Jordan Freezing winter storms have caused flooding in some tents in Za’atari refugee camp, Jordan, forcing families to take shelter in the Child Friendly Spaces supported by UNICEF and our partner Save the Children. We spoke to some of the children in the makeshift shelters. Here’s what they have to say.

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Syrian boy in snow

Syria crisis: winter is here

By Jess Wright Amman, Jordan, 15th December 2013 – I stepped out of my front door for the first time in three days and saw a wall of snow, two feet deep. All I‘d wanted to do was visit my local shop, but even walking the 30 metres there took me a while as I […]

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