DAMASCUS/AMMAN, 13 March 2017 – Grave violations against children in Syria were the highest on record in 2016, said UNICEF in a grim assessment of the conflict’s impact on children, as the war reaches six years.

معاناة أطفال سوريا في الحضيض بعد ستّ سنوات من النّزاع

دمشق/عمّان، 13 آذار/مارس 2017 – بلغت الإنتهاكات الجسيمة ضد الأطفال في سوريا أعلى مستوى لها على الإطلاق في العام 2016 بحسب تقييم اليونيسف حول تأثير النّزاع على الأطفال، فيما تكمل الحرب عامها السّادس

Here are the stories of the Syrian #ChildrenUnderAttack after SIX years of war.

How 2016 Became The Worst Year For The #ChildrenOfSyria

No child is spared the horror of the war in Syria, where children come under attack on a daily basis. Violence is everywhere, ripping apart places that children thought were safe — places that should be safe: schools, hospitals, playgrounds, public parks and children’s own homes.
Children have paid the heaviest price in this six-year war and their suffering hit rock bottom last year in a drastic escalation of violence.

“I wanted to become a doctor but perhaps I won’t become anything because our school was bombarded, we used to play a lot in the schoolyard but now I’m afraid of coming here. My dad might take us to another school in another village,” says 6-year-old Ahmad.

“I’ve never been to school,” Assia, 10, #Imagineaschool

Assia has lived half of her life in Lebanon. She dreams of attending school, but her father won’t allow her to go. Instead she spends her days at home watching over her younger brothers and sisters. She aspires to become a teacher. “I’ve never been to school, but I can imagine what a classroom looks like,” she says.

Two brothers feeding fire in a primitive wood stove so they can get a hot meal at this cold day in a besieged area near Damascus. One of Syria’s harshest winters has arrived in the war torn country leaving millions of children under the mercy of a harsh weather that adds to their suffering.
UNICEF/Syria/Rural Damascus/Amer Alshami

“I want to go to school,” Fares, 6, #Imagineaschool

“I don’t know how to read or write. I only know how to draw the sky, the sea and the sun. I’ve waited tables, I served beans, corn, hummus, water pipe, potatoes, seeds. I’ve cleaned the shop and served ice cream to children. I don’t know how to fill the cone but I help Mohannad do it. I want to leave my house. It’s like a prison,” Fares, 6, a refugee in Lebanon.

“Education is the only way we can achieve our dreams” Saja from #Aleppo

Thirteen-year-old Saja lost her brother and four best friends in a bomb attack almost three years ago. She also lost her leg in the attack, but she never lost her dream to become a gymnast. Saja was seven when the Syria war began.

Saja’s letter for all the children in the world

Thirteen-year-old Saja from Aleppo, Syria has a message to the children of the world about the importance of education.

Children tell us about the Syria they wish for

We asked the #childrenofSyria what they wish for #Syria and #foreverychild. Here’s what they answered:

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