Taibe holds her little boy while he is vaccinated

Syrian refugees in Turkey welcome polio vaccination campaign

By Ayberk Yurtsever “As a family, we’re very happy our children are being vaccinated against polio.” says Taibe Abdülmecid Ismail. Taibe, who fled the Syrian city of Edlib to take refuge in Turkey, is one of many parents bringing their children to be vaccinated.

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UNICEF provides winter clothes to Syrian children in Turkey

By Ayberk Yurtsever OSMANIYE,Turkey, 4 December 2013 — With temperatures starting to fall across Turkey, efforts are accelerating to protect Syrian refugees from the impact of the cold weather this coming winter. UNICEF has contributed to these efforts by procuring and distributing winter clothing for the very youngest Syrians currently sheltered in 20 camps spread […]

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“She’s a beautiful baby”

By Chris Niles SULIMANIYAH, Iraq, 3 December 2013 —Baby Jian came into the world just one day after her mother arrived in Arbat refugee camp in northern Iraq. “She’s a beautiful baby,” said UNICEF WASH Consultant Atheer Al Yasin. “She has blue eyes.” Mr Yasin first met the young mother-to-be when she was sheltering in […]

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Preparing for winter

By Chris Niles ERBIL, Iraq, 2 December 2013 —UNICEF has received its first shipment of winter clothing and shoes for Syrian refugee babies and children in Iraq. Two truckloads of supplies came from Turkey. UNICEF will assemble them into complete kits which will be distributed in the camps in northern Iraq. 

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Helping refugees with special needs

By Chris Niles SULIMANIYAH, Iraq, 25 November 2013 – There are about 2,000 Syrians living in Arbat refugee camp just outside of Sulimaniyah and a few of them, like Suliman Gorgis’s family, live with disabilities. Suliman oldest son Yousef was paralyzed at birth and his other son, Mohammed, has Down’s Syndrome. A third son, Yasser, […]

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The new, pre-fabricated school

New school offers safer learning environment for children of Syria in Turkey’s Islahiye camp

By Najwa Mekki GAZIANTEP, Turkey, 28 November 2013 – Inside a rugged tent lit by ceiling lamps, children sit three to a desk. It’s music time, and they are singing and clapping their hands, many with their UNICEF cyan blue schoolbags still strapped on their backs. This is the tent-school of Islahiye camp, in the […]

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Two schoolgirls in Za'atari refugee camp

First day at Za’atari

By Jess Wright AMMAN, Jordan — “You’ve never seen UNICEF’s work before?” my colleague asked me the day before I was due to go to Za’atari refugee camp. After six years of working for UNICEF – in the UK – I was finally going to see our programme work in action; and only days after beginning […]

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UNICEF works with adolescent Syrian girls to raise awareness about gender-based violence in their community

LEBANON, 11 November 2013 – UNICEF Lebanon and its partner ABAAD recently launched a short animated video to raise awareness amongst Syrian refugee girls and their female caregivers about gender-based violence, reproductive health, puberty and the changes that take place during this important phase of a girl’s development.

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UNICEF Jordan team discuss options.

A visit to Jordan’s borderlands with Syria

By Toby Fricker IRBID, Jordan, 22 November 2013 — It’s olive season in Jordan. Between rows of trees, on the outskirts of the north-western town of Irbid, children help their parents collect this year’s crop. The land is green and fertile here, two hours north of the Jordanian capital, Amman, as we approach the Yarmouk Valley. Across […]

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School clubs help conflict-affected children in Syria access remedial education, recreation activities

By David Youngmeyer Damascus/Amman, 12 November 2013 – Despite extraordinary challenges associated with the on-going conflict, UNICEF-supported school clubs in Syria have reached close to 290,000 children with remedial education and recreation activities. The conflict is taking a serious toll on school infrastructure, limiting education opportunities for children across the country. Over 4,000 schools — […]

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A tale of two schoolgirls

By Chris Niles ERBIL, Iraq, 12 November 2013— Jwana, 11, is in fifth grade. Her name means ‘beautiful’ and she intends to become an art and music teacher. “I like to draw flowers and houses and girls playing,” she says. “Also, I like to sing. I love to learn songs.” 

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Where is my copybook and where is my pen?

By Chris Niles ERBIL, Iraq, 6 November 2013—Wafa has six children and one of them, Cibar, is deaf and mute. The family lives in Kawergosk refugee camp. In their old life in Damascus, before the Syrian conflict drove them from their home, Cibar was studying in school and planning to become a teacher of children […]

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Syrian volunteer teachers in Turkey: Not just educators

By Tulay Guler ADANA, Turkey, 31 October 2013 – When Muhammed Ismael, 41, first arrived to Turkey from Edlib, he did not want to just sit idle. This father of six, who used to work as an English language teacher, decided to put his skills and experience at the service of children who now, like […]

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Back to school in Turkey, one pair of shoes at a time

ADIYAMAN, Turkey, 3 November 2013 – There are many reasons why children don’t go to school. Not having shoes is rarely one of them. Yet, for many Syrian children living in Turkey’s refugee camps, lack of warm clothes can make or break their academic future. 

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“Aassir, Aassir!”

By Krystel Abimeri ZA’ATARI, Jordan, 28 October 2013 – Another long day in Za’atari, the second day of a UNICEF-supported polio vaccination campaign. UNICEF staff are getting ready to hit the streets of the camp to check on the vaccine doses and the cold chain equipment. Community health workers from International Relief and Development Jordan (IRD) […]

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