Syrian children in Jordan forced to take on adult roles

JORDAN VALLEY- The sun burns off the early morning mist to reveal a barren landscape punctuated by fields of bright green. This is the Jordan Valley, the food bowl of the country, where crops grow all year-round. This fertile land generates jobs. Sultan, a 12-year old from Hama central Syria, collects water from a plastic […]

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“I want to be more than just a guy”

MAFRAQ, Jordan, April 2015 – “You stole my first eye and the second eye. Don’t put your hands on my children,” screams Hamed. The passion in this drama rehearsal reflects the reality on the ground, explains the 17-year old from Homs, Syria. He is acting as the wife in a play about domestic violence. “It […]

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أريد أن أكون أكثر من مجرد شاب عادي

المفرق، الأردن، نيسان 2015 – يصرخ حامد قائلا: “لقد سلبتني عيني الأولى وعيني الثانية، ولكنك لن تلمس أبنائي أبدا”. يوضح لنا الشاب ابن السبعة عشر عاماً، من حمص في سوريا، أن الشغف البادي في هذا التدريب المسرحي يعكس الواقع على الأرض. يمثل حامد دور الزوجة في مسرحية تتناول العنف الأسري. ويقول: “تتحدث هذه المسرحية عن […]

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Firas in Za’atari: From school drop out to role model

Four years ago Firas led a normal 12-year old boy’s life. He went to school in his hometown of Bosra as Sham, southern Syria, and spent time with friends and family. “I was in Grade 5 at school and then the crisis started and I haven’t been back since,” says Firas, now a mild mannered […]

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