Khalid’s story: A young man from Syria in the tent city shaping the copper wires into his future

SURUC, Turkey, May 2015 – Some people become artists after finishing art schools or conservatories while some are just born that way. Khalid from Kobane is the latter. Although he does not want to admit that he is an artist, he is surely has an inherent talent. After a couple of days manipulating simple copper […]

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قصة خالد: شاب من سوريا يشكل بأسلاك النحاس مستقبله في مدينة الخيام

سوروج، تركيا، أيار 2015 – يحتاج بعض الناس لأن يتخرجوا من كليات الفنون ليصبحوا فنانين، بينما يولد آخرون فنانين بالفطرة، وبالنسبة لخالد فهو من النوع الثاني. بالرغم من أنه لا يريد ان يعترف بأنه فنان، إلا أن لديه موهبة متأصلة، فهو يمضي يومين في تطويع الأسلاك النحاسية، ليتشكل لديه عمل فني رائع. يجلس خالد في المساحة الصديقة […]

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Education: Small investment, Big Impact – Syrian teachers welcome UNICEF incentive initiative

KAHRAMANMARAŞ, Turkey – “It was like a festival,” says Raid Ramadan, a Syrian teacher now teaching Syrian refugees in Turkey. He is referring to the day when he and his colleagues went to the local post office to draw out their first payments under a new incentive scheme. “Everybody took their money and went back […]

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Young Syrian volunteers help support children at Child Friendly Spaces in refugee camps in Turkey

HARRAN, Turkey, 21 April 2015 – UNICEF’s Child Friendly Spaces (CFS), established to support Syrian refugee children in Turkey, are giving young volunteers a chance to develop their skills in working with children. At the CFS, children are encouraged to participate in group activities that help them to learn, relate with others and share ideas. […]

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