Danijela, Croatia

Heroes of today,
I wanted to send you some more strength so you can continue having your own interests and dreams,
but the fact is, you have more of it than me. Sometimes I'm also hunted with alarm sounds and gunshots, but either they exist in my imagination or in an unreal virtual world. Sometimes masks are the only thing I see on human faces, and I see that they leave scars in your families. It's unbelievable how your motivation and the will hide the broken smiles you have. Keep them on.

Kate Leannah, United States

Dear children,
I saw a video about a girl who is in one of the refugee camps. She was talking about how life where she is is not like Syria. It's true, and I am sad for you. I am also sorry for how the world has destroyed your life as you knew it. I don't know how to help or comfort you. But I pray to Jesus, the Savior of the World, that he will be with you and comfort you. He is greater than any other person. Pray to Jesus! He will save you from sin, and ask him to rescue you.

Federigo Enriques, United Kingdom

I'm Federigo from the UK. Browsing on the internet i ran into your stories. I read about your struggle and the things you need to to everyday to survive. I can only imagine that after 4 years this has become a reality for you, your daily routine. I wish i could do more for you than just donating money.People need to open their eyes and see how the other half lives. And only then, they can decide whether to turn their back on their brothers and sisters.

Nicole, Netherlands

Dear children,

My name is Nicole, I'm 18 years old and I'm from the Netherlands. I get so sad hearing about your situation if only I could take some of your pain away.. I can't imagine how hard it must be to live without your parents. Please keep having faith in the future. You are so strong. Hope is the only thing stronger than fear. Know that you're not alone. People all over the world are thinking about you and praying for you. I hope soon thing will get better. Stay strong.

Deanna, Australia

Hello! I am sending you greetings from Sydney, Australia. I have only recently learned of your situation in Syria. Please know that no matter how dire the situation looks on the outside for you that there is always hope! There is a mother on the other side of the world praying and thinking of you. Hold your head up, know you were created with value and purpose.

Autumn , United States

Hello my name Autumn and I am a 6th grader our class is learning about the tough times you kids are going through.Stuff happens for a reason and we need to get through it even when it is hard, So please don't give up on hope.We are praying here in Minnesota for you guys. I know you guys have been in war for 5 years now just keep hanging on a little bit longer and i wish the best that you can go to a school before you get older. The war will end soon. Just believe

Yadira, United States

hi i am Yadira and a girl .I am in 6th grade and i have one sister that is in preschool. i know what you are going through and we know that war will stop . stay strong and never give up your dreams. dont forget never give up your dreams.

Skylar , United States

Hello my name is Skylar i have been learning about what is happening to you in your home country and feel so very bad. I am in the 6th grade just like you might be, but can not relate to what you go through everyday. It saddens me to hear that people around the globe live in such horrible conditions and see death as an every day thing. I know this will not do you much but i hope it will lift your spirits. I want everyone to know that i am wishing you the best

Best Wishes

Maicy, United States

Hello my name is maicy I am sorry about what is happening to your family and friends. Hope you feel better. I wish the war could be over and you would be all better.

Kayla, United States

Hi my name is Kayla, I am a six grader in Minnesota. We have been learning about the horrible destruction that your country is having. I feel very bad for you and I deeply wish I could help! This makes me very sad because this has been going on for 5 years!! You can still live your life to the fullest when this war is OVER! All I need to tell you is that you still have hope! I hope this all goes down quickly and the war can just end. Now I hope that you know that I am thinking of you guys.

Anthony, United States

Sorry what happen in Syria. I hop the war is over and you get your home back and go to school. I hop you to see your family and friends.

Kyle , United States

Hey my name is Kyle and i'm a 6th grade boy i'm from Chaska Minnesota its unfortunate what you guys are going through i wish we could help stay strong.

Kyle Ribar, United States

Hello! My name is Kyle. How are you doing? Good? I sure hope so. I live in the United States in the state Minnesota. The month is march and it is really cold here; it always is in Minnesota. I am really sad to hear about your countries troubles, and so far the best thing I can do is pray and send letters and messages to you all. Also, here in America, we have so much school, that we get bored and tired of it! But school is fun sometimes. I hope you guys get your country better soon!

Dillon Maher, United States

Hi my name is Dillon Maher I go to pioneer ridge middle school in cahska minnesota. I heard you have going through a lot of bad things, I hope everything gets back to normal. I also hope your family gets better.

Rachel ,

Hi my name is Rachel and we have been learning about what has happened and what you are going through. I feel really bad and I hope that the war will end soon. I believe that all of you will have enough strength to get through. Hopefully you will soon be able to get back to Syria. And you will be home.

Arik, United States

Hello i am a 11 year old middle schooler named, Arik. I live in Chaska,MN i think about you guys all day.I will contine you to pray for you and i hope the war will end soon, And I hope whoever is reading this has a wonderful day.

Sincerely, Arik Cross

April Phakhongkham, United States

Hello, my name is April and I live in Chaska, Minnesota and I go to Pioneer Ridge Middle School. I am in 6th grade. In my class I have learned a lot about what you are going through. I hope that you will stay safe and your country will go back to normal. I want to help you all as much as possible. I know that children should not be going through what you're going through.

Stay strong, I hope for you.

Reid, United States

i go to prms and i hope that war end and that the city will get better that u a have fresh food and water and the war will end asap

from Reid

Kevin, United States

Hi guys, I'm Kevin from Chanhassen Minnesota.
What you guys are going through is unfortunate I wish that all the bad would stop and that you get a good life that you deserve.

Stay strong.

Layne Scull, United States

Hello children of Syria, I am 12 years old and I heard that you guys are having a tuff time. My class and I thought it would be a great idea if we wrote you these letters and we could also send you stuff like new toys and blankets considering that you don't have that much. All we want to do is help you out and hope that your country will not be at war anymore remember, hope is always the key

Sebastian, United States

Hi my name is Sebastian I am I sixth grader I go to pioneer ridge. I hope the war will end soon and that you can make it back.

aidan baumann, United States

hi my name is aidan and im in 6th grade im a boy. i hope you will get to safe and stop having war. we are learning about you. i feel sad. we are from chaska middle school.

Kathy, United States

Hi, my name is Kathy and I'm a 6th grader at Pioneer Ridge Middle School, I live in Chanhassen, Minnesota. You are so brave and have so much courage, unlike the kids here. Stay strong, don't give up hope.

Atzin montes sosa , United States

Greetings from Minnesota : ]
Hello have peace and be calm . I know that war will stop !!! Remember to smile and not forget the kid you have inside .

Genesis , United States

Although the dark surrounds you,
Keep hope so close that it becomes like glue.
You can burn your hats, wood, and your shoes,
But that won't change the fact that we will still care for you.
We hope, that we send you hope from all around,
So make sure that you hear this sound.
You are lost, but we will make sure that you are found,
Please don't feel down...
You need to understand that things will get better. C:
#YouOnlyLiveOne (Yolo)
(From Chaska, Pioneer Ridge, MN)

Nicholas Morland, United States

Hi I am a 6th grader from Chanhassen, Minnesota. I am praying for you that this will get over soon and that you can get back to your old life and home. Every body in Pioneer Ridge is thinking about you. We are trying to do the best we can to help you. I hope that the war will be over soon. I will think about you a lot.

From Nick

Pedro Velazquez, United States

Hello guys we have been learning about you and I wish I could help so much I hope that the war will end and you guys can go back to your normal lives and live happy.

Joshua Litsey, United States

Hi my name is Joshua and i'm 12 years old and live in Chanhassen. I want to let you know that all my support is with you. I can't even imagine what you are gong through and I hope it gets better very soon. I hope that you can get back to Syria and back to school. I have seen pictures of what you are going through and I can not believe what I see, but I am happy that whoever is reading this knows that I am grateful that you survived. My hope is with you and you will always be in my thoughts.

Kali Ringold, United States

I may be only 12 years old, but I don't think you should be living in such horrible times. But you can't give up hope, even if things are not going the way they should you can not give up. You can do it! I know you can, never give up no matter what. And try to see the best of everything, that is the best way to get through any horrible situation. Trust me I have been in a bad situation like this before. Good luck and never give up! And I'll try to ask our president to help you.

Lisa , United States

Hi I'm Lisa, I'm in the 6th grade at Pioneer Ridge Middle school. I live in Chaska, Minnesota. I give you hope and courage to stay brave and strong. Know that people here care like my 6th grade class in Mrs. Aquino's Class.

Aska Moraa, United States

Hi am 12 years old am in 6th girl for USA,MN in a place called chaska i just what you guys to know that we are thinking about you and we are pray for you.Don't every lose hope it will be over soon just keep swimming never give up i am play for you.Your story are just amazing that you guys did not give up.You guys wake up every day and just smile,that is making the world better with you smile just keep on smile

Mitchell , United States

I'm so sorry for you and I'm keeping you in your prayers. Back here in chanhassen Minnesota me and my 6th grade friends are thinking of you at pioneer Ridge middle school. I'm spreading the word to try to get anyone to give you more hope and that this will end soon so you can have your old life back in Syria.

Vanessa Korotchuk, United States

hello my class is talking about you and I really want to help you and i will try to pray for you try to give you the stuff that I can am name is Vanessa and i live in Chaska MN but I hope you will be ok and live through this you know what you are strong to be in this you are hores and you are the best i hope you will be ok for the rest of your life.

Aiden, Brkovich, United States

I am in 6 grade and I am from chaska minnesota and I want to give hope to all the children in syria that have suffered in war and never forget that people are always thinking about you :)

Lan, Vietnam

I have a few friends who are Syrian, and they're definitely among the most beautiful people I've met. You, my children, are the brightest hope and light for the future of Syria. I'm a world traveller and I wish to visit your beautiful country one day. Therefore, be strong, have faith and do your best to learn at any opportunities because it is YOU who would re-create that charming Syria that many would yearn to visit.

Susana Mariano Anastácio, Portugal

Don't ever forget that fighting for power and money makes so many people suffer.
Learn and teach others.
We've too much, and we keep forgeting the world is full of bad stories.
Don't let yourself be forgotten. Raise your voices.

0137767394, Sudan

You are not alone. Hold on to your education, to hope. Cause you are the future of Syria , nobody else. Be strong and courageous. cry when you need. Women , stay strong you are the braviest of them all. And I hope world will change soon enough , soon.

Yeshel Asif, Pakistan

Dear children, you're all warriors. Your strength and hope in the most difficult of times inspires me. You're a generation of leaders, Independent and strong and I am sure you'll work for a positive change in future. I am with you, and so are my prayers, together we'll make a better World. Keep that smile, always!

Maria , Spain

Dear children!
My daughter is 4, she would like to send to you letters, drawings full of LOVE and hope. You are not alone, we are thinking of you every day, every night, you will come back home very soon, to see your country beautiful like it was, because you will be there to live in, to build it, to love it...We send to you, children of Syria, and to your families, full of Love from Spain.

Andy, Australia

Dear children of Syria. Just know there are people who really care and want to help you. We have heard about your terrible suffering. You are not forgotten. There are people from all over the world who want all of you to have a happy and safe future. Know that people are donating to help you. Awareness is spreading. You are also in our thoughts and prayers. You are the treasure of Syria and are so important. Change may seem slow but keep hope alive in your hearts. God bless you all.

Virnorti, United States

Hello from America. I hope you all could just hold on and hopefully things will get better. We support you and we will try to help you as much as we can.

Patricia, Germany

i would be interested to know if you have opened the door for the adoption of children who lost their family?

Frankie Brunker, United Kingdom

I am so sorry that you are being let down like this by politicians and fighters. I feel so helpless to change your situation but please know that you are not forgotten, and I hope there are brighter days ahead for you and your country. Keep your head held high and never give up believing and hoping for a better future.

Monica Mendes, United Kingdom

This continuous division of humanity will forever make no sense !
We are all exactly the same, wanting to experience love and happiness and decrease our experience of suffering.
Protect each other. Help each other.
Recognise yourself in every human being on this planet !
I send my absolute love to you all and will always use my voice in the care of all that may need it!

Farida, Afghanistan

God take care of you and don`t forget, everything happens for a reason - even if we don`t know it now (or we might not find it during our lives). Be strong, so that one day we`ll look back and be proud of ourselves that we made it through the storm! inshallah !

Maria, Portugal

It's great to have associations and individuals helping these children, thank you , but governments can ignore the fact that theses children will be the adults of "tomorrow" and it's not only a Syria issue, or a problem to the regions around. If you don't act we can't hope for a future with no war, poverty and violence. Sending help is fundamental, but we have to press and responsibilize governments in order to force them to "really" care about..

Green, Iran

Hail to the children of Syria ...


Hey guys,

What you are going through is very unfortunate and I wish all the chaos would stop so that you could all live the better life that you deserve.

Stay strong, I'm sure good things will come your way!

Diana, United States

Hello, I am 10 years old and I have been reading about how you had to flee your home and have no education. Thankfully there are people donating and volunteering to help. I hope that the war in Syria will stop so you cold go back and fix your home and be happy.

Yareli, United States

I am 10 years old and I am learning about Syria and refugees . I saw some videos and I felt sad about the kids. I hope that the war stops now . I can't believe that they have to live in a camp . While I was watching a video I wished that the kid can go to there normal life.

Angel, United States

Hi I'm 10 years old and my class and I are leaning about you guys I'm sorry for your lost family, friends, and your home do not lose hope. I also sorry you guys are not getting the eduction you deserve. # Children of Syria

Denise, United States

Hi I am 10 years old and I wish you all a better life and I am sad for what you guys have been through and I hope their is someone out their to help all of you and I hope you guys have an an amazing life after the war.I hope the best for You.

Yareli , United States

I am 10 years old and I am learning about Syria and refugees . I saw some videos and I felt sad about the kids. I hope that the war stops now . I can't believe that they have to live in a camp . While I was watching a video I wished that the kid can go to there normal life.

Heaven, United States

My name is Heaven and I am sorry to hear what you are going through I pray that you will have a better life in the future and that you will live comfortable with out fear God Bless You.

Alyssa, United States

Hi I am 10 and my name is Alyssa. My heart goes out to you because you are a hard worker and try your best. Thank you so much Unicef for supporting the kids in need. You are never alone.

Katie , United States

I am 10 years old and I feel very bad that the children of Syria for all the wars happening and their homes being destroyed.

Joshua, United States

There was a pause of a unknown length after the soldiers fired into the crowd.6 people were killed,they were Crispus Attucks,Samuel Gray,James Caldwell,Samuel Maverick,and Patrick Carr.And the final person dad.I will never forget the day.The day my dad and many other people died.

Daniella, United States

I am a ten year old girl and i really hope that these Syrian children will one day get to go to school.Kids don't deserve to be treated this way.Children of any age should be allowed to have an education and become what they aspire to be.I have been reading many articles and videos about life in Syria and the civil war.We should all be equal and be able to go to school not being judged by race,religion or, from where we are from but by your kindness and character.#StayStrong #PrayingForYou

Elizabeth, United States

Hi children of Syria, I am a student in fifth grade. My name is Elizabeth and I believe one day you will all have freedom. My heart will be with you always. I wish you guys the best. I hope one day you kids will be happy and proud one day.


My heart is with you till the end of the war.I am really far but that doesn't matter.I hope with all my heart that you will be safe in your own home,in your own room with fresh food and water.May your struggles and life change into a place of education and love.By the way I'm 10 years old reading articles and news reports about you and your struggles in Syria. I hope for you the best in life <3

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