What kind of World is this where Children are terrorized and are becoming traumatized by their own government?! I really hope that this conflict will finally end in a peaceful way !

Berivan, Germany

I hope for a better future and that even though there are so many conflicts around , you will all get stronger and fight for a peaceful enviroment in Syria !!
Those Children should be educated and not be terrorized!!

Zachary, United States

I hope things get easier for you soon!! Sending warm hugs from the US!!

Love, Zachary

Ashley, United States

Sending love and prayers from Chicago!

Onna, United States

I once read a quote that said we all look at the same moon and stars and sun as the famous artists and poets and singers and leaders we admire do. When you look at the moon, know that love is being sent to you from me. Love and prayers! And happy wishes. Better things are gonna come. I don't know when, but I know they're coming.

You're important! You're amazing! And you MATTER! And you know how I know that? Because you're made of the same elements as the stars that shine!

Saba Nosheen, New Zealand

God is always with you oh little ones, forever until the end... my prayers & my Duaa's are with the innocent children of Syria <3 xo

Noura , United Arab Emirates

Theres light at the end of the tunnel

Noura , United Arab Emirates

you are the most bravest children I have ever seen, with all that you have been through and how strong you are, god has definitely got a plan for you. there Light at the end of the tunnel. and as i am now graduating university i am willing to put my time & effort into helping the children of Syria have a childhood and a good education and secure place to live. I pray for you every night.

Rita P. Coutinho, Portugal

أيها الأطفال من سوريا - Dear children of Syria - Querias crianças da Siria,
You are welcome to our country - Vocês são benvindas ao nosso país.
All human beings are cells of the some body: humankind. We should not destroy cells of our own body. People who destroy or reject other people, act like cancer cells. Let us be healthy cells and all together live as one sole happy and healthy body. Let love for others and sympathy run in our bloodstream.

Banda YUS, Brazil

The hope of a better and more humane world , lies in the strength and passion of young people to always move forward!
ass . Band YUS - Brazil

Carollina ,

Don't ever loose you hope! There are a lot of great people, around the world, praying and doing something to help you, children! You are our future, don't forget that! And if the days are no so easy, just keep in your mind that there is a all generation fighting for a better world! We are with you!!!!!!

Sofia Rodriguez, Mexico

Don't give up! You're not alone, you know, my friends and I, we think of you every single day! I wish you love, health, blessings, and happiness. Good luck going to Europe! You know, God has a plan, you don't need to worry about anything. Just keep your head held high, keep your faith, and keep smiling. I love you guys, good luck! Greetings from Mexico!

Elif Guler, United States

I'm thinking about you every day. My heart and the mind are with you. I'm sharing updates about you with my friends--they are sending their love and hugs as well. Hang on -- you can do this! And we'll do everything in our power to help you. Even when we aren't there with you physically during a difficult time, please feel our presence in spirit and never give up!

Martin, Germany

Put aside all thoughts and worries about Financial aspects, an "Islamization" of the Western World or scarce regional spaces in European countries...
This can all be fixed later on...but now: Act in a human way and treat refugees and children in the same way you would like to be treated anywhere else in the world. Giving them hope, help and sustainable education should be first priority...that are things every ordinary person could support refugees with...#ChildrenofSyria

Maria Thereza , Brazil

IM just so sorry for these people that have to live in these unbeleaveblou situation , just in the 21 century, how can onu let this , HOW CAN THE HUNGRY act in these way? The coutries have help , we are wrinting history right now , children are the tomorrown


Don't give up- the World is behind you!

Ruchi Sharma, United States

You are doing whatever you need to or are asked to do by your desperate families to make it to the other side. I don't know what this other side holds for you, all I know is, that you are fighting the biggest fight, the fight to live, to be fed, sheltered, clothed and more importantly the fight to have your voices heard and identities seen. Your voices are being heard all around the world and I am with you. May your journey be painless, be successful and I wish you nothing but so much love.

Teresa Larsson, Portugal

I hope for love and compassion in everybody heart's. I help with donation for now. I hope refugees will be happy in my countrie. <3

Emilie, United States

I wish more people would help you, I wish I could help you better. We are praying for you, may you find peace and safety.

Daniella Cortese Cusick , Chile

Life isn't being fare with you guys, but help is coming and hell will be gone soon enough. My friends and I are collecting funds to send you food, clothes. We live very far away, so the best we could do is send our donations. Please hang in there, you'll have a bright future, because your are children. You deserve that and more. Love you...

Aubrey Bayani, Philippines

I admire you children of God. You are all brave facing this war without a choice but still fighting for your lives. I want to extend my warm hugs to you and you all are in my hearts. I'll keep you in my prayers and don't lose your faith in God. Everyone loves you.

Jesus Perez, United States

It's the worst seeing this happening in this world, but good will always overcome evil and we will stick together to help those in need. Our prayers and support go to the Syrian children who are in a horrible crisis whom deserve a chance in life and not have to live through this. I wish more then anything that this is put to an end and let them live in peace. No matter what we're not going to give up on them.

Ademir, Brazil

Que Deus tenha misericórdia dessas crianças e que o mundo possa se compadecer, deixando o egoísmo de lado e as diferenças religiosas, precisamos amar essas crianças e interceder por elas, chega de indiferença e dureza de alma, está escrito em Mateus 19:14 Mas Jesus lhes ordenou: “Deixai vir a mim as crianças, não as impeçais, pois o Reino dos céus pertence aos que se tornam semelhantes a elas”.

Franchezca Faye, Philippines

Help our fellow Syrian brothers and sisters, Lets be ONE. Lets help and pray for them to be safe. Oh God please save them and proctect them. Always remember help people, even when you know they can't help you back. I'm hoping all countrys will lend a helping hand. Our brothers and sisters need us. God bless us always! #GodWillSaveSyria.

Karen, Philippines

I may have no enough resources to lessen the burden you are going through. But, deep in my heart, I always pray for the peace and safety of you and your families. Don't lose hope. Hold on and keep praying!

Inês, Portugal

You are not alone. We are praying for you. To those who can reach Europe, come to Portugal, you will be welcomed.
The Lord is specially with you.

Inês, Portugal

You are not alone. We are praying for you. To those who can reach Europe, come to Portugal, you will be welcomed.
The Lord is specially with you.

Edmund Thong, Malaysia

I may not have met you all but you all have touched me to my very core. Just know that all of us hear your cry for help, you are not forgotten. Don't lose hope, all of our prayers are with you!

Michelle ubinas lopez, United States

I want to help and i also want to adopt i live in USA a lot of sirian children and babys are dying is there a person or a mom or a orfan child who is looking to give your baby or child for adoption im willing to have a open adoption i want to adopt and give them a nice family and a home my prayers to all the family my name is michelle eli-ann ubinas and my email and phone number is 774 581 8508 look me up on facebook and send me a messege im willing to help

Michelle ubinas lopez , United States

I want to help and i also want to adopt i live in USA a lot of sirian children and babys are dying is there a person or a mom or a orfan child who is looking to give your baby or child for adoption im willing to have a open adoption i want to adopt and give them a nice family and a home my prayers to all the family my name is michelle eli-ann ubinas and my email and phone number is 774 581 8508 look me up on facebook and send me a messege im willing to help

MARICEL, Philippines

Don't lose hope always remember that God is always there. Our prayers is with you most especially to all innocent children.
God Bless Syria...

Hold On... Pain Ends...


adam, United States

i like to go and volunter in the camps of refugee in turkey and i like to know how to do so .. i am located in new york .. i speak 4 languages including arabic .. please let me know .. i can travel .. i have a great experience .. in volunterring

Carolina, Brazil

You are not alone, the world is praying for you.

Carolina, Brazil

Your loss is my loss and it's the world's loss. You are not alone.

Afiq, Malaysia

Sadlly i would like to say sorry for all the lost in Syria that i could not do something to stop the war. I only can do praying all the people in Syria to stay strong and dont lose faith to Allah.

Natalie Chan,

I have never met you, and you have never met me. But I know that there is some connection between us, called LOVE. Please stay strong and hopeful. Only if you do that, you can have a happy future. Here's a little secret for you to stay happy: Make people around you smile even if it's just a small favor.
Hang in there, ok? :)

Marta F. Cardoso, Portugal

#supporting #childrenofsyria

Maris Monica, Philippines

Tonight, My prayers go out to the families in Syria. Be strong...You are not alone in this battle. Everything will be ok. . People will help in many ways. I will never stop including you in my prayers. Don't ever ever give up.

Sara Cunha, Portugal

I hope that in the middle of all of this madness we can raise above mediocrity and see what truly matters, humanity. Start acting yesterday, so we can help this equaly worth people to have what we all deserve.. a right to peace and a welcome environment. I hope europe starts acting as a united piece and helps who really is in need.

Cátia, Portugal

Why the richest muslim countries don't do nothing?AUE why do you need all that builings in Dubai full of money and Ferraris?!! Qatar why you don't HELP! Saudi Arabia you are a country bigger then Iraq, Syria and Paquistan together, why you don't donate part of your land to refugies?!! Europe is helping, humanity is beeing lost to the seas, but rich muslim countries you should remeber that money isn't all!

Quintela, Portugal

There's no words to describe what's going in my heart. But if my tears cant't help you, my prayers... I believe they will. Doing my best to find out how can I do more for the people of Syria. O MUNDO É DE TODOS. Love, L.

Ricardo, Portugal

Dear Children of Syria, be brave and have hope for the future... there are still people in this world who care about you and are trying to help every day. We'll not stand still while you endure this inhumane suffering... may you find peace and happyness soon.

Amrit, Canada

Dear, children of Syria
The plight of your situation, brings tears in my eyes. I pray that your families remain united and healthy, and that you all remain strong through this difficult phase.

Javier, Mexico

Que sean estas letras un abrazo invisible de solidaridad y esperanza que llegue adonde sea necesario.
Niñas y niños de Siria, merecéis un presente en paz. Un futuro de esperanza.
Con todo el amor del mundo, todos los deseos de paz están con vosotros.

Nicole, United States

We are thinking and praying for the children affected by the Syrian civil war. So many of us wish there was more that we could do to end the suffering of innocent children. Stay strong and have faith.

Jany Ridout-van Hartley, Sweden

How many more children have to suffer before we come to our senses and act as one?

Fernanda Rodrigues Moraes , Brazil

É lamentável a situação destas crianças, parte o coração e o que magoa além do mais que os países, os governantes, as petencias mundiais se unem pra irem a luta, a guerra na conquistas por dinheiro e por território ,mais quando é pra cuidar, amparar e proteger a vida, a paz social ninguém é amparado e nem ouvido. Rezo a Deus que estejam com todos que sofrem neste exato momento, que não percamos nossa fé por melhorias. Esse mundo precisa ser renovado pelo amor de Cristo .

António Campos, Portugal

Our leaders may not be willing to take you in. Our leaders may want you to go away, but you have the right to live, not just to survive.
You have the right to seek asylum in the EU! We don't have the right of turning you down, we can and we will help you!
You are welcome among us to grow, to learn, to live and to enjoy your lives, to be a part of a community, to be happy!!
You can do great things, you will do great things.

Mário , Portugal

Good afternoon ,
I was very touched by what is happening in Syria. Not being able to help monetarily , I wonder how else can I be helpful ?

Ana teresa, Portugal

Do not give up hope. Many many people are praying and doing everything to help! We want fortes you, just hang on, help well come! Be strong!

Cláudia Silva, Portugal

You are not alone!

Sending LOVE

A Young, New Zealand

Wish I could hug and care for every suffering child in Syria. Nobody, children especially, should have to live like this. I pray it will all be over soon. Sending my love and prayers x

Cátia, Portugal

No words could be said... It's to sad how this lifes are ending, because of nothing! Children without parents should be sent to places where good families could adopt them and give them all the best. For all the other families and children I really hope this war could end and they could be free to choose want's the best for them. If I was rich like some important people all over the world I would give all I could, but I'm not, so I donate what I can and pray for you every single day. <3

Portuguese, Portugal

I can't even imagine what you're going through..... But you must believe every thing is going to be ok. We will try to help.

Marta Rodrigues, Portugal

Can't help my tears from falling everytime I see images of children suffering! I feel so helpless! What is happening to you is a ignominy, Europe should not turn their back on you. Keep fighting, don't lose hope, we are here for you and we are so many. History should not repeat. I am from Syria, I am one of you!

Sandra, Portugal

Hope that the war stops and that all the people can live in peace, we all desserve that chance, specialy children pure angels.

Heba, Egypt

I know to add my voice only doesn't make a huge impact, but its something. There are many refugees from arab countries and they unfortunately increase in number everyday. Yes our countries are not doing the best they can, and even other developed countries as well are not being fair enough. But Those beautiful souls of refugees' children will bloom under any circumstances. I wish you do your best, and I hope I can really help effectively someday. I really do.

Barry Allan, United Arab Emirates

Humanity can not rest while a single child suffers. We all need to act collectively now to not allow this to continue. Take personal action, as the collective action of all will make a change. At the same time lobby, petition and force local politicians and leaders to take action.
Children of Syria, we will not rest until you are as free as all childern should be.

Wael Altaqi, United States

There must be a meaning for your sacrifice, you the innocent, the pure, the children who have died and suffered. There is end in sight and your suffering will be rewarded!

Shaker Rawan, United States

For every Syrian out there, please know that you are not alone and that we are thinking of you. We are talking about you and we are looking for ways to help bring peace back to your lives. Stay brave, stay safe and know that people outside you country love and care for you.

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