LinaDreams, Palestine

If i had wings, i would not fly...
i would give them to you, so u could fly...
fly away and be free... free from all the troubles and thee...

for the children of SYRIA...

Hochschule Rhein-Waal, Germany

- starting with teaching the people, especially the children because they are the ones that in the future can do something. Teaching them what has been happening in the past, giving psychological support
-we should send help for children like clothes and food and water
- allow them to integrate, teach language, find professionals in refugee camps
- we should think if we can send to Syria help like clothes, food

Hochschule Rhein-Waal, Germany

- asylum is not the solution, superpowers like germany should go there and make it liveable, shouldnt leave like Afghanistan
- the first step is to move the people outside syria till the war cools down and them relocate them back and help them grow
-by integrating the children in their new societies/ countries of refugee
- help them to integrate but dont try to take away their way of thinking

Hochschule Rhein-Waal, Germany

- countries must be more welcoming of them by setting a side of their budget to fund education and livelihood
- access to education to give the children opportunities to build their future
- giving syrian people a place in your country is not enough, different super powers cab come together, what are they waiting for? this should end so that syrians can live peacefully
it is not enough just giving refugee a place to stay, it is important to integrate them, especially the kids

Hochschule Rhein-Waal, Germany

- stop the war
- i personally feel that the refugees from syria must be given proper shelter
- eurpopean people should: integrate, offer social contact, opportunities, listen to, try to help to change the situation in syria, end the war
- agreeing with the fact that todays generation are lost due to war, we should take steps to promote peace and create a safe environment
- help the nation heal, teach them how to live a normal life, foreign intervention
- give donations for their schooling

Hochschule Rein-Waal, Germany

- one way to prevent a lost generation of syrian children is for once welcome them and giving them the same opportunities that german children get like education and also encourage them in going to their home country to kind of rebuild their society, their country
- we can prevent the lost generation by giving them a chance to grow equally with providing them good education it also includes teaching languages etc
- raise awareness in our local communities on the need to prevent this

Hochschule Rhein-Waal, Germany

- Warmly welcome this generation in our country ansв try our best to help them with integration and living
- In order to prevent a lost generation we have to accept them, help them in everything they need (to understand better the language, bring their families and give them the opportunity to integrate themselves in society)
- by using the media e.g. newspaper, television, radio, etc
- with understanding and make them feel understood
- make them feel welcome and support them more

Ximena Gonzales, Peru

It's so unfair that children like you have to suffer and pay for all the bad actions that people without soul take. I'm so sadly because of all the battles that happen , we cannot know how much are you suffering but all of you have to know that all good people in the world are with you and they are praying for you . Stay strong . Help is coming . Never lost HOPE.

Nazila Nazifi, United States

O Thou kind Lord! These lovely children are the handiwork of the fingers of Thy might and the wondrous signs of Thy greatness.
O God! Protect these children, graciously assist them to be educated and enable them to render service to the world of humanity.
O God! These children are pearls, cause them to be nurtured within the shell of Thy loving-kindness.Thou art the Bountiful, the All-Loving.
- 'Abdu'l-Bahá

May, Syria

Those young souls are here to remind us of the lost beauty in this world, And hopefully hand by hand we will create a better future for them.

Alysha, Canada

My heart goes out to all the children in Syria. I wish I had all the money in the world to bring you all home to Canada. Im praying for you! Stay strong! Tomorrow is a new day!

Daniel C Diffin, United States

Someday all these hard times will pass. Stay strong. Our love and prayers are with you

Alex , New Zealand

There are no words to describe the sympathy i have for this children. I am a father of four kids and seeing these young children in pain, in fear, lost and not knowing what and where to next is heartbreaking. In war, children and the innocent suffers the most.

Lorena I., Mexico

To all my dear children suffering this horrible war, I just want to let you know the world cares and worries about you, all my heart goes out to you, since i am aware of this war I pray every night and cry thinking about what you are going through. Keep believing!!! keep fighting I know you are just kids and not supposed to live this horror, but please be strong the world is with you! I send you hugs lots of love and hope for a better future for all!

Mitra from California, United States

I wish I could wrap you all up in my arms, bring you to my home and give you food, shelter and warmth. I am so sad and sorry that life has been so cruel and unfair to you and your families. You all deserve so much better, and I hope with all my heart that you get everything you need very, very soon.

Brandy Perkins, United States

i am american....i welcome you. I am a mother I sympathize for u prayers...


Stay safe and believe that help will come soon! Pray! Believe! Have the courage to stand up again :) Never give up <3
Always praying for all of you :D

Matias, Argentina

I'm very sorry for what Syrian children are going through, as they have nothing to do with this conflict. The Argentinian government has already opened its doors to the families of Syrian immigrants. Today I'm opening my house's to host a Syrian child in need, to guarantee his or her education and well-being. Please let me know how to continue with this process.

Madeleyne León, Peru

No me puedo imaginar todo el dolor que están pasando y las dificultades, deseo mucho de todo corazón que esto acabe o que puedan alejarse de todo lo malo, son niños aún así dignos de mucha admiración de enfrentar día a día los problemas, sigan dando todo de sí, continúen, no se dejen caer son maravillosos.

Lola, United States

I home you can find a beter home

Sarah habib, India

stay strong ! Allah (swt) gives the hardest wats to his toughest soldiers. ❤️

Mariana, United States

I send you much love, light, and projection, my children. I will look after you, don't be afraid. The world will get better. Stay safe and stay alive. Your story will be heard one day.

Yanirth, Venezuela

Por favor Países del Mundo, esta en nuestras manos ayudar a nuestros hermanos de Syria, a los niños y niñas que no tienen la culpa, ellos no entienden de guerras, solo quieren jugar libres por la tierra que los vio nacer, ayudemos a detener la guerra, no mas sangre inocente derramada, por favor Presidentes ustedes que tienen en sus manos el poder de detener esto, hagamos hasta lo imposible, basta ya!! Stop the War!!!

Enzo, France

I Understand the pain you guys are going through, But there are kids from other countries going through much more pain! I know a child from Haiti who almost got killed from foster care, And they lied to him about his life,You guys dont have to have the lies about your life when in reality YOU DO! STOP MAKING KIDS RAGE! You just want everyone to think there african! There are innocent lives out there being more wrecked then these persian transkids!

Simone, United Kingdom

Hold on and keep the faith- we are here to help
God bless you all

3rd grade , United States

We are 3rd graders from a school in brooklyn and we are thinking of you and we are worried about you. we are sorry you had to leave your home. we hope you can find new homes soon.
We are learning about what happened in Syria and we are sad you dont have a home right now.


Stay strong and brave through this hard time. You are an amazing testament to what a child can acheive. You are the future. Until then, hold onto your family and look after each other. We are praying for you and all your loved ones.


Please donate to homeless people.


Hi, you should always believe in yourself. Never stop believing


I know what you are going through. I know what you are suffering. Just remember, all over the world, people wish things were different. Remember, with a little hope and faith, everything can get better. ?

Sebastian ,

Hi believe in your self and be nice I hope you go to school and have fun all day long and every day I hpe you have knowledge and education all of you stay safe and don'rob or be bad to your pedants and surroundings!

Rowan , United States

I hope you can get back on your feet and walk and have some FUN for once so yeah

Emily, United States

Hi. I hope you have a home and I will pray for your safety.

Arden, United States

Dear Children of Syria,
I hope you are Okay with all my heart! I fell so sorry for you. I fell like crying because I'm so sad for you. Be well!

Adam, Georgia

I hope you know that we support you, and we believe that you are the future. -Adam


I hope you have a good day!???????????????????????☺️?????✨?

Remington, Georgia

I hope that we help you and we do are best to help you


You are the best new kids ever love you

Claire, United States

Keep trying hard and then you will achieve your goal.

Aathira, United States

Hi. Hope your hanging in there. You can achieve anything. Please don't give up. Keep on can do anything if you believe. Bye.


Hope you have a good new Little life.

Skye, United States

We are thinking about you and are hopping that you cep going!

Miles, United States

Have lots of hope and never give up!!!!!!!!!!

Thomas, United Kingdom

I am so sorry that a war is going on in your country. Help is on the way! Me and my H.O.W.L club have donated money toward your cause. Hang in there and good luck.


I am collecting all sorts of food and candy for you. Keep hanging in there you are doing an amazing job I could never do something like that ever. My H.O.W.L club are helping you all we can.

Payton, United States

Keep your hope alive! What you are doing is great. Your mission is amazing! Keep working towards it.


We are thinking of you and we are doing our best to help. You are strong! Keep fighting.

Jonathan , United States

Thinking of you hope this money helped you in a good way!


Hi have a awesome day? i hope you keep being awesome ????? smile laugh and have fun hugs hugs

Kimberlyn, United States

We think of you we have not forgotten


We are thinking about you. We hope things get better for you guys. We send our best wishes.

Natalie, United States

You are the best ever! you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have a great personality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are the best ever, you are awesome and amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are great at everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are safe with God in your hands???????????????????

Anish, United States

Dear children of syra,
I watched oh you lived and how you explained what your doing and how you live.I'm thinking about you

Abby , United States

I Hope you'll get good food and good houses.

Be happy.?

Catherine ,

I hope you are having a great day! Life may have a few bumps, but the world loves you and is right there supporting you.

Molly, United States

You are not forgotten, GOD still loves you!?

Lincoln , United States

You are going to be safe

Matt, United States

I am happy that I am helping you.

Addie, United States

We are sending money to you.

Rehan, United States

We are helping you survive

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