Noah, United States

Just because one country gets more attention then others that doesn't make you t more important. I will see you in possibly a few years when I'm older i,want to do voleinteir work to hopefully make your life a little bit better
Best of luck from Indiana

Noah lewis, United States

Just because one country is talked about more doesn't make it any more important when I'm older I will become a volunteer to help people like you who don't have what I am fortunat enough to
Love from the united states

Sarfraz , South Africa

Dear children of Syria.
We love you and love your strength, resilience and courage.
We pray for you..

Nurul Islam, Malaysia

Dear little brothers and sisters,
Please know that you are always in our prayers. We wish we could do more of our part to get you what you deserve, and return what's yours. Our dearest strongest little ones, never lose hope and determination. Peace will arrive, soon. In shaa Allah.

Amanda, United States

Sorry, this is happening to you! I wish I could help!

Sarah Shaikh , India

My children. ALLAH cares for you the most. ALLAH will ruin their life and their hereafter.. you are chosen one.. you are still blessed.. They will soon know what they have done. ALLAH is strict in punishment and able to carry out his will. Have patience and ask for ALLAH'S help. ALLAH is always near and is most merciful to his beloved servants.. my prayers with you. I LOVE YOU ALL

Anonymous , United States

I will not forget about you
Even if now I'm not sure what I can do
I'm doing my best to make sure others know you exist.
Your lives matter to me and many others.
This shall pass and a new sun will shine one day.
I love all of you with all my strength.

Jonathan Anzelde, United States

Children of Syria, one day soon I will make a difference as an individual motivated by the one true God Jesus , son of man to help one, two, three, or thousands, perhaps millions of children suffering by the pain of loss and war . Your stories are heard and I hope Good hearted people step up to make a difference in a cruel world. Stay as strong and positive as you possibly can and know that your future will be better then your past no matter what your circumstances are.

Javi garcia , Mexico

I am not religious but I believe in God and God is love not hate., religious people all over the world hate in the name of God but who's their God!? We all know.
I hope all your nightmares will end soon and for those gone God will hold you in his arms.
Pray for you.

Noelle Schiller, United States

I listen to your song so many times a day, I lost count. Each time, I cried just as hard. I am so sorry for all your suffering. Please know that My family and I are so touched by your voice. We wish we can do more to help. Please know that you are in our hearts. We feel so much love for all of you. We will pray for God to help and end this war. I will never ever forget you. With all my love.

Jasmeen, Malaysia

Assalammualaikum, im here will always pray for you every second. Theres not much i can do except praying and keeping my faith in Allah. I dont think the people in syria will read these messages but its okay our pray for you guys will always be there insyaAllah

Prashansh dhakal, Nepal

Dear children of syria i know its devastating there.dnt give up ur hopes and dreams.You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it. ...stay strong. god bless you all.

ashiq hussain, India

My friend plz dond give upp u oll are strong....Allah will help u olwas..

Vanessa, Brazil

Eu tenho uma criança de 2 anos, e o sofrimento de vocês é como se fosse com minha filha, faremos o q está ao nosso alcance, mas confiem que Deus faz muito mais

Madi, United States

Dear children of Syria,
I'm a teen living in the United States. I just want to apologize on behalf of my country - which I know may never be enough - and let you know there are lots of us praying for your safety and sending positive thoughts and love your way. <3
You are in my thoughts. I hope you are all safe and with your families, or will be reunited soon.
Lots of love and hope,
Madi, a friend.

Wendy, Canada

I pray to God that he have mercy on the people of Syria especially the children who know only innocence. I send my love & please know my heart is breaking to see so many children dying. I pray or peace & for the countries who can stop this to help. I pray for you all,, God Bless you. :'(

Adhara M, Mexico

#ChildrenofSyria you are NOT forgotten. I care about you, people do care about you. I can't stop thinking about you, there's no day I don't think about you. It breaks my heart to hear all the things that you have to face every day, it breaks my heart that more than a half of you all you know is war. I feel so guilty that I'm laying in the comfort of my bed while you're facing this horrible reality you're living in. I wish I could help, but I feel so helpless.

Aldo Chavez, Ecuador

I'm so sad with all this situation, I hope that my country can help all the people there and specially all the childs. If you need support, don't have the doubt that I will help.

Mrs. Kisiel and Kaylee, United States

We have read about the war in your country and the horrible things you have had to endure. Stay strong! Help is coming! Keep up your dreams of a peaceful future life. We know that times are at their worst right now but together you will survive.
stay determined and it will get better.

Mrs. Cathey (Christian School Teacher), Mexico

Our hearts are with all of you, you are not alone, for the Maker of Heaven and earth does look upon you and loves you. YOU WILL CONQUER

Syeda, Pakistan

Its really heart breaking ehen i saw childrens are prayers always be with you..i cant see u in such a hortified and worse codition.i want to save u.but iam helpless..ya Allah save these innocent soul.insha Allah Allah will.remove all ur heart is hurt..:'(

Jenna Lea, United States

A child, from the other side of the world, would like to reach out to you. Millions of people on our side of the world, reach out to you. Although our help hasn't been the best, people care, and sympathise with you. So please, never lose hope. Without hope, there is no humanity. And without you, there is no hope.

Hannah, Russian Federation

You are young. You are living in the worst event of our lifetime. We have you all in our hearts. As long as there's boots on the ground, you will have our love and support. Be strong, young souls. God be with you.

Marianne, Norway

Dear children of Syria.
It breaks my heart to know what is happening to you.
I wish I could make it end right now and make it all go away.
That you could be safe with your parents and siblings, your grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins; and to have everything you need to live good and happy lives.
I wish there would be peace in your country and that the people that are fighting each other will stop this and make it so.
I am so sad for you and I so want for everything to get better.

Lisa, United States

You are not forgotten. You are loved and many, many people are praying for each of you and your families.

Bariah, Malaysia

To all my dear children in Syria, you are one of the chosen to be d strongest among other kids in the world. Never loss hope, have faith in Allah. One day all of these suffers will end, insyallah very soon. My heart and prayers are with you all my dear. Stay strong, the helps will come from all direction.

Jen, United States

My heart aches for you, continue to be strong. We will work to stop this and get you back to living a good life. You deserve so much better.

LP, United States

I'm so sorry you're going through this. I can't get your faces out of head. My heart hurts for you. It's almost impossible to have faith in anything after seeing that. I know your God my God has to have a plan and I pray that you will stop enduring this kind of evil. God be with you little angels.

Gayani, Sri Lanka

I'm really sorry that you have to go through such suffering and sorry i couldn't stop it before it happened. But I'll raise my voice and will pray for you hoping this violence will end soon. Hope people who are responsible to these would understand how ignorant they are. Please ....stop this violence and others please make a voice and stand against violence.

Paige, Australia

My heart is breaking for you, if I could take away your suffering and fear, I would.

Romit, India

I can only be ashamed and sorry of this world for not doing anything; of myself for not saying anything. Please know you are not alone in your fight. Your courage and tenacity in such perilous times are beyond your years. You do not deserve this. If there was something I could do to give you your lives back, I would not think twice. I am sorry that you have to go through this; I am sorry for not being able to help you enough. Please know you will always be in our prayers. May God be with you.

Ahsan, Pakistan

Please someone should save them dont kill innocent people Be Mercy God will show mercy on you :( I Cant say anything more but i demand ALL Muslim countries too help these peoples they are our brother and sisters :( PLease for god sake

Velma Anelo, United States

Hello little Ones,

I am so sorry for what you are going through! None of this is your fault. I hope that despite your pain, despair and aching hearts, that you will still hold onto your hopes and dreams. There is more to the world that the evil you are currently experiencing. The cards you have been dealt are unfair, but you will overcome! Your weeping and pain may endure for only a night, but there is Joy in the morning! Please believe there is more good than evil! I heart reaches out to you!

Deborah Collins, United States

Dear Boy or Girl or both Boys and girls, we Pray for You. And I Pray that You might know God Loves You and He cares what is happening to You. It makes us sad Your situation in the USA when we see about Your Plight on Christian sites. I Pray He will Protect You and Your Hope will be in Him. God Bless. Out of infants mouths He has gotten Praise.

Dawn, United States

Hopes and prayers are with you that the leaders in power causing you such anguish listen to God in their hearts and minds to stop the tragedy. May God be with you.

Jay Srini, United States

We are all so sorry -so very sorry that we are letting your agony continue, but stay strong, the world will finally build the courage conviction and character to save you. Keep your hopes up ... There will be an end to this catastrophe and you will win . God help each one of your bear this hardship.


Se houvesse forma de eu dar a minha vida para vos livrar de todo este daria. Mas até la rezo sempre por vocês. Estou sempre com vocês. São as crianças mais fortes do mundo. E não tenham medo...porque já conquistaram o céu

Yasas udara, Sri Lanka

Stay strongly live strongly your the most precious thing made by god

Lizet de Groot , Netherlands

Dear children of syria, we pray that one day all your pain Will be over and you can play again without fear. We cru with you and pray for you.

Amy, United States

God is always with you!! And in my prayers you'll stay.

Amy davis, United States

I'm praying everyday to God that there is help for you. None of you is forgotten! I send love to you! Keep hope alive!!!

Mehdi Kabine, Italy

Sono un calciatore marocchino che vive da sempre in Italia...ho 5 bambini che mi ha regalato la mia dolce Monique( mia moglie ), ho sempre pensato che guardando, in TV o in internet, la situazione dei piccoli bambini siriani coinvolti ingiustamente nella guerra siamo una famiglia fortunatissima, e questo spesso mi fa sentire in colpa perché potrei e vorrei fare qualcosa per loro...guardo i miei bambini e spesso penso a loro, e mi chiedo chissà come stanno vivendo in questo momento, Diolibenedica

Nebokhad, Brazil

See my voice in this video

V Kent P.Ernest, United States

Dear Children of Syria, your strength is unique because it comes from love and from the heart, its value has no limits, in its eyes hope shines every day, know that millions are with you, do not lose faith!

pikes ,

You should run the royal Bentley off the road with a lorry

Jitendra Singh, India

Dear Children of Syria, Please praise the God to help you
I also request all the NGO, Military Officials, Administration of Syria and Media person of syria to help the all children of syria those who are alone and helpless. please give them enough food, medical facilities, clothes, water, toilet facilities, school, transport facilities, monetary power or make everything free of cost so that they would be able to survive and live.

Please do not fight and bring peace for the people of syria

Meridian, United States

With all my Heart♡ all my Tears and all my Love I am calling on all Angels both in the physical realm and the unseen to help you... We Love You!!!

Maria, Estonia

Dear Children of Syria,
You are really brave, gon't give up!


Dear Children Of Syria,

You are really strong and brave.

Himaja, Singapore

Be hopeful and believe. We are so very incredibly sorry.
While there are many hardships in the world, I promise that there are still many good people
praying for you and looking after you.

Miriam Dinelli , Brazil

Peço a Deus que os proteja poderosamente e que haja Paz na Syria. Estou muito triste por tudo oque tem acontecido a voces e a todas as crianças do Mundo. Estou tentando ajudar divulgando em minhas páginas sociais, todas as Instituições e Ongs que enviam remédios, alimentos, médicos e socorristas para que quem puder doar, faça isso. Tenho chorado com as fotos que vejo e orado muito. Mas tenho certeza de que Deus trará para vocês um futuro melhor e que voces são os verdadeiros Heróis. Carinho !

Alfonso Miguel , United States

Dear Children of Syria
In the conflict you are caught,you have shown incredible strength and resilience being able to keep going even when other countries are rejecting you and your families.I hope when this conflict does end, you are all able to lead long,healthy,and happy lives. It hurts me to realize that while we here are living a peaceful life, but you guys are living a hellish conflict that has brought many deaths.
Best Regards,Alfonso

Owais Iqbal, United States

Dear Children of Syria,

I'm sorry that you had to go through everything that has happened to you. Even though all those things that happened to you were bad I admire how resilient and strong you guys are. I would never be able to last what you guys are going through. I hope you all get to safety and live a wonderful life.


May God bless you guys with an amazing home,and help you live an amazing and successful life!

Haris, United States

May God bless you guys with a home,and help you guys live an amazing and successful. May God also bless all of you with an education,and help you succeed in life.

Olivia, United States

Dear Children,
I know that you must be worried and confused. I understand, even though I have never experienced what you've been through in the last couple years. And I am truly sorry, no child should ever have to go through what you have been through. It's truly unfair. You and your families shouldn't have had to experience such trauma and injustice. I wish that I could be there to help and support you. Just know that you are so strong and keep hope for the days ahead :)

Brandon Ang, United States

Hang in there! Even though you are struggling out there it's ok. You will prevail. Though the road is tough it will end and you will find peace in a new place. Have faith in whatever you do and you will make it. Everyone across the world is rooting for you and we know you can make it!

Tatjana, United States

Dear children,
The things that happen in life can be very unexpected. It can be good, or it can be bad. Either way, we are stuck to follow life's demands. You all are amazing and I admire all of you so much for being able to stick through with what life has thrown at you. So many bad things have happened. You've been rejected, hurt, and some of you feel so alone. Your resilience is a beautiful thing, and I hope that it continues. None of you are ever alone.

MJ, United States

To anyone starting or on their journey out of Syria, don't worry. Just because you lost everything doesn't mean you'll become a casualty among others. It is in human nature that when presented with a challenge, we find a solution.

Jaxon, United States

You are in troubling times, times that will never seem to end. they may seem like these trials will last for an infinite amount of time however they will not. They will end and as long as you never give up and that you never succumb to the fear of failure, all you need to remember if you never stop trying to an infinate amount of time, you will complete something that is not infinite in no time.

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