Send a Message to the #ChildrenofSyria


Zene, Poland

I want to hug you and say I love you all and please don't give up, the war will be over soon, we must believe!

Crystal Li, Hong Kong

Stay strong and have faith! I hope wars will end one day, so that you can all return to your home country, be well educated and be proud of who you are.
You are always in my prayers.

tuan nadhirah, malaysia

The difference between change and nothing changing is the will to act, the difference is to look at your own apathy and change it to empathy. never leave it to someone else and understand that everyone's life is as important as your own.

These children did not ask to be in this situation. They do not only need but deserve our help.
Change begins with us all. So stand up and do something that will make this world a better place.

faria, USA

I wish i could do something to help you all. My love and support goes out to all who are suffering because of the wars. I heard there are lot of hungry kids and they do not have anything to eat. my heart cries for u but i can do nothing which makes me angry. All i can do is pray for you all and i hope god gives you enough strength to endure the pain and suffering..

Ali, Turkey

This ugly war will end anytime ...don't give up, I wish I could be there helping you with everything I have. War is not easy, especially for children who even don't know what it is about. I pray for all Syria people in this region. Don't forget...The world is with you!!

Leah Ourwa, USA

My heart goes to all the people of Syria, especially those beautiful children who suffer from all this inhumanity & injustice,without them signing up for it, it's a very heartbreaking situation, & the international community should definitely step up & show efforts to make more changes in these innocent people's lives.I wish for a world peace & I dream of a better future, I hope my voice & the voice of so many others will be heard, so we can all find joy & stability again, let's keep optimistic.

Deane, USA

I wish you all a very good luck to your future and that you, children in Syria never lose hope. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON, remember that at the end, you all would be successful people, that nothing ever happened. GOOD LUCK!

Elena L, USA

I think everyone should appreciate what they have right now even though its not what you want because there are millions of people who dont even have shoes or have little clothes shortage of food and dont even have clean water. Everyone should thank that you have your family with you and everyone around you because some of these kids get taken away from them. I just hope that the children in syria could have an education or at least some hope that one day you will be free. Happiness will come!!!

Carolin, Germany

Let your faith be bigger than your fears.I pray for you all.I wish i could be there to hug you and give you everything you need

Joana, portugal

Kids, you are stronger than you've ever imagined. My prays go to you and your family and I hope that really soon, you may know a world without war.
This message won't give you a warm blanket, but gives you all my love, deep from the heart.
Stay strong and believe in the power of the Universe..things will change!

cara , hungary

if you could choose your idol your inspiration it should be the children of syrai they have been attacked from violence in syrai they got their homes damaged and their family killed and yet they still have hope to survive they still have hope to live at the age of 7-8 they worry if they didn't get the latest version of barbie or the upgraded game app but the children in syrai worry about the risk of their life they worry about dying ------ ill be lying for you

barbra, uae

i wish you the best you will always will be in my heart sending ,peace, and love and i will be prying for you xoxoxo

Tetyana, Ukraine

I hope that you all will soon be able to return to a SAVE Syria and that the civil war ends. I hope that the living conditions in the refugee camps get better by us all working together as a unity to help each other. And I hope that you all get the chance of being educated at school (boys and GIRLS!!!), because that is the important part of a generation without war. Stay safe!

Alex Mtz, Mexico

Our love, faith, and support from Mexico. My children, you all are en example of courage, endurance, and strength. Keep it up, don't lose your hope and faith. Blessed be all of you.
Abrazos, besos y todo nuestro apoyo y amor desde México
Hugs, kisses, and all of our love and support from Mexico

Ivette, U.S.A

Everything will be alright at the end of the day. Be strong. I care about you, we care about you, the world cares about you. Sending you hugs.

Desiree, United Arab Emirates

Don't give up! There will come a day that everything will be alright. Never lose hope, just keep on believing that the world is helping you. You are not alone. We are here for you.

ryu, Taiwan

Don't give up.


You are beautiful and loved. Big hugs.

med.amine.Messai, Tunisia

I'm sorry for the bad childhood you are having ,i'm so sorry because i can't do anything,War is not your choice , I Pray that peace will return soon
Stay Strong


I and my classmates hold a charity activity for you.
I wish the war could stop.

HSIAO,YU, Taiwan

I learned at class that Syria is in the status of civil war. Children who are the same age like me are forced to leave their parents. You are my brothers and sisters in the world. I am very worried about you.

Sara(CHU,PIN-HSUAN), Taiwan

I hope the war could end quickly. Everything will be better. I will give you the courage.

Ruby(LIN,YEN-YU), Taiwan

Hope all of you could have a safe home to live, have clean water to drink, and have enough food to eat.

Danica(HSU,MING-HAN), Taiwan

Home is in your heart. You should try to think about happy memory not bad memory. That will give you courage.

Claire(WU,YUAN-CHIH), Taiwan

I knew things that happened to you by reading newspaper. I am sad. I wish you could be brave until the war end. I am always by your side.

Janine, Switzerland

Je me demande si on prend bien soin de vous, si vous avez suffisamment de nourriture de médicaments, si en été tous les enfants de Syrie ont assez d'eau pour étancher leur soif si en hiver vous avez une couverture et des vêtements chauds.
Avez-vous du matériel scolaire pour apprendre et des jeux pour jouer ?
J'admire votre force, vos sourires, même à travers vos larmes je sais que vous êtes forts. Personne ne vous oublie ici et là enfants et adultes se pressent pour vous aider. Je pense à vous.

Merve, Turkey

War is not your choice. Even if some people in Turkey do not welcome you, I do welcome you. No matter how bad conditions are, never loose hope and never forget your ambitions. War will end sooner or later but your lives should continue as you wish. It is always possible to create something even you have got nothing.
Best wishes

Akira Indiono, Austria

I hope that we can get rid of this unnecessary violence someday. We are all human beings and shouldn't fight each other!
I hope that things get better soon!

Alireza Shajee, Iran

j'aimerais que les guerres s'arrètant !!!

Andrea Iacomini, Italia

Vi ho visto, ho visto i vostri sorrisi e stretto le vostre mani. Siamo tutti con voi #childrenofsyria

Rahul, Choudhury

We have been closely following on what's going on in Syria. We hope the war ends and the children have a better future.

Amélia Vilarinho, Belgium

I promise that I will do my best to get you some help. You are part of my day to day thoughts. Keep going to school whenever it's possible, keep playing and, most of all, keep dreaming.

DanielaSalas, Costa Rica

Hey! I'm from Costa Rica, today I'm getting 14 years old. Do you know what was my birthday wish? My wish was that you all guys have the best conditions that some one can have, Christmas is coming and I hope that you pass the best night ever. Bye bye!!!

Houda gasmi, Tunisia

Hey little angles, every day i think of you.. i wish i could be with you...Hold on little angles, be strong, war will end and all teh pain will end.. just hold on.. i wish i could be with you, play with you, teach you french and English, tell you stories, hold your little hands and give you a big hug... you are in my heart and every day i make a prayer for you, i pray that peace will return soon to Syria.. and you'll be back home...I love you all so much!

Esther, USA

Sending thoughts of peace and harmony to the children of Syria. Feza la Souriya.

Rhys, England

Hang on tight. We are doing every we can to save your lives, so please stay strong. We are going to provide you with water,food and also medical supplies.

Holly, England

I hate the war - it's gone on for three years !

Gi, Syria


Merika, England

We are very sorry for all the Syrian refugees and IDP'S. We should provide food and aid to make you healthy and safe. There are a lot of people around the world doing the best they can. My school is not giving up on you; we are trying as hard as we can. We are very proud of you. We wish you a bright future.

Kyle and Jack, England

It is a sad tragedy about what's happening right now in Syria we will try and do our best and help save Syrian refugee's IDP's.

Shannon, England

I wish all the best for all the Syrian refugees.Our school are doing everything they can to help you.We are raising money to buy food,water and medication.

Chloe, UK

We are going to raise money for the refugee so they can have enough medical supplies ,food and water.

Shane, England

My school is trying very hard to raise money.We are trying to help you.


Georgia, England

Stay strong! Our school are trying to does much as we can to get medication, education, food and water to save your lives. IDPs, we will provide you with our support and remember you will have a brighter future. We would love you to have the rights like us. Don't worry about anything :)

Daisy, England

Stay strong. Our school are trying to help you as best we can and I want you to have all the rights and responsibilities that we have.

Shannon Lou , England

We will try to raise as much as we can, help is your way don't ever give up. We will support you all the way, you all have rights.
We will help as much as we can I will try to get as much food, water and AID as we can you are amazing don't give up.

Reece, England

Are school is doing a cake sale and going to send all the money to UNISEF witch will be sended to you or doing a mufti-day

Lewis, England

Our school are trying our best to help you and have the life you should have.

Jodie, England

Stay strong! We will save your lives; our school is supporting you all with food, water, blankets and medication. We are there for you.

Holly, England

We are going to raise some money for Syria, to help out.

Bekah, England

I feel so sorry for the I.D.P's and refugees. My school is trying to raise money to help. :) :) ;)

Bradley, England

Are school is downing a bike ride and fundraising all for unisex

Elise, England

I wish all of the Syrian refugee's the best of luck for a brighter future! My school are tring to help. I want you to have the same rights as I have!

lawence , syria

we should not only support our children with food and school staff, we should do whatever could be done no matter what you have, or what you work, you can make change, the problem should be sloved by resettling the children again and their families as well.

goh junwei, singapore

you must stay strong there might be war but after a storm there is a rainbow. i am so sorry i can't help you cause i am not there

BajanimPlays, Myanmar


somali community volunteers, Somalia

For community development and progress, social work and social responsibility play a major role in the recovery and developments within a given community therefore let us play our respective roles right from your door step, neighborhood and then to the rest of the community. let no child suffer in our neighborhood each of us, that mean the entire country if every and each of us does or take such action then it add up to other regions continents and eventually the global safe world not only for c

Monique, New Zealand

You have been trapped by blinded anger. But you should always act with love. Whatever happens and wherever you are, just know that there are always people who love you, whether you have met them or not. You are important to this world, and have every ability to make this world a better place. Hold onto that.

Weaam, Syria

we are so sorry for the bad childhood you are having !but we are trying to make it better.

Anonymous, Listen Fundraiser, UK

4 years in... is it getting any better for these children? How long could this go on for?

Anonymous, Listen Fundraiser, UK

What is it all for when the children of the future are so hurt?

Sarah, Listen, UK

If one child in the UK was going through the trauma that these children are it would be headline news, but there are millions of children suffering malnutrition, violence, not getting educated, not having water or sanitation every day in Syria, so we need to do something, now.

نسيبة , iraq

الله ول صفي يو

نشيب , Bahrain

و لوف يو سيريا
مي الله بلس يو
جود بيبل

نشيب ار نسيبة إسلام , egypt

مي نايم إز نشيب إسلام السو كان بأسد أس نسيبة إسلام سيريا إز ذي لاند أف الله اند هي ول سورلي بروتكت أي فرم ذي ترينتس

نشيب إسلام (نسيبة), Buffalo

مي فريند سنيني شبلي مدي اى بيوم فر يو أي أجري وذ اى افيري ثينغ شي sad

Nusaiba Islam (nushaiba ), America

Those streets filled with bloody bodies. A greater amount of kids dying each day it is our turn to save people from the tyrants claw.
ا نا احب سو ر يا

Nushaiba Farah, America

may Allah bless you all
the assad regime wont stop without a fight
i love you my syria

tasneem, jordan

dear syriaian childern i'm so sorry because i can't do anything for you

Liz, Philippines

Dear Children,

I hope that all the bad things will get over very soon. Never loose hope. My heart and prayers are with you. I know that the hurt and loneliness will not all go away but i want you to know that there are people in the other side of the world who cares. We are all hoping that nations who have the same intention to help you will make a way to make things better.

Charlotte, United States

Dear children,
You are not alone. You are loved and cherished, if by no one, than by me. I may not have personally met everyone, but my heart is big enough to provide love for all of you. As a teenager myself, I know how important it is to know you are loved. This war cannot continue forever. But as long as it does continue, stay strong, my loved ones. Strength, courage and wisdom are what are going to get you through this. I am fighting for you.

Paula lasso, Ecuador

Dear children:
I don't know why it happen. I'm so sorry and I really want to know how I can help you. Please be different, I know that is very difficult and a little bit illogical but please don't hate anyone because if you hate you could repeat the history to another children, please forgive them and make the difference that's the only way to build a better world for everybody. So sorry for my English is not good.

Ibrahim Abdallah, Cameroon

Dear Children;
You have been taught about the fact that you are the Syria of tomorrow; that where there is life there is hope and that Allah always watches over us.... Do not think that your generation will disappear due to the war that is in your country... The only thing you have to do is to pray Allah everyday and ask him to watch over you.... I am a youth like you and I am 18 so I know and understand your fears..... Allah shall never allow your generation disappear. Trust him......

Nikos, Greece

Be safe and don't lose the thirst for knowledge, in order to build your country with peace and justice. All our best wishes and support!

Carlos Torres, Colombia

Is time to change, can we organize like something worldwide like a march to ask four our local goverments to commit with the situation, thats why United Nations was created to stop this and if we say is time to do sometjing all together this will change lets call our friends, family members and everybody to ask to our goverments to stop this big mistake called war

G1, UK

I dont know why the creator is doing this to you all, but I my heart was filled with tears and speechless, emotion less words when I heard you were forced to eat un-sustainable food. I will see God who is in all of us create an everlasting fresh breath as it was before sooner., UK

If anyone can tell me how I can foster a Syrain child please contact me

Maria, China

Please allow children to grow in a happier environment. They are our future. Without adults marrying children, this whole child marriage would end. The government in Syria should make a law and stop this non-sense of child marriage.

Gabriele, Merlino

Jesus is that there are no more wars

Gabriele, Merlino

Jesus makes is that rediscover the happiness and peace between peoples

Anoushka, Bahrain

Be strong, things will get better soon. This won't last forever. I will help as much as I can and I know other people are also helping as well.

Shaki, Malaysia

Be strong..The sun is going to rise.. You'll never be alone.. Just hold on a little more... God will only test his toughest soldier.... Oir prayers will always be with u...

Suhaimi, Singapore

Dear children of Syria,

God only gives the hardest battles to His toughest soldiers, all of you are tough soldiers. Stay strong and God will grant victory to the land of Syria. Things will get better insyaAllah. Peace and Love from Singapore.

Andrea Elizabeth Biju, UAE

Dear Children of Syria,

Do not ever lose hope! This war will end soon. As a child myself, I can imagine how it is to be in a crisis like this - without food, water or even a proper shelter, without education, and without our families. But don't worry! With the helping hands of UNICEF and all children around the world, you will be safe and happy soon. Just stay faithful in God and pray that this crisis will get over soon. I will do anything I can to help and also will encourage my friends too.

Diego Diaz, Guatemala

Dear Fatima and beloved children of Syria, I just saw your story through our friends of UNICEF and you gotta know you're not alone. Our God almighty is already taking care of your needs and families. I want you to know that I'm praying for each one of you everyday. A community of over 100 people of Guatemala and all around the world is doing the same thing right now. This war will come to an end very soon! We love you so much. And remember, you are not alone.

Omar Abu Fakher, Syria

Just remember when you're watching this magic ball
our children are dancing to the tune of cannonball
so raise you voice till it reaches the highest star
and pray for may country to stop this ugly war

Sybille Erdei, Belgium

Dear Children of Syria,

Since three years, your life is not easy and each day, you are waiting for the life you knew before the war.
In the past I had the chance to know your wonderful country and your nice people. I leaved during a few month in Aleppo and appreciated to know your culture and to meet Syrian children with wonderful smile.
Today I miss you all but that's not important.
What it is important is that even if it's not easy for you you have to be confident in a better future and keep your dream to be a reality...
I kisses all children of Syria and hope to see you soon.

nmutcqaszk, Belgium

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Nusaiba Islam, NY

May Allah give you victory Allah loves syria and it's people the war in syria won't end until imam Mahdi comes

Gabriela Trivino Motta, Colombia

I probably do not understand what are you passing trought, but I just want to remember you, that there is a lot of people around the world trying to help you. We support, we pray, and we want the best for all of you. Peace is not impossible, and just keep in mind that even if you are not feeling God, he is always there, God is your shield. May God Bless you.

lots of love from all Colombians.

Louis newacheck, United States

Please stay strong! Things will get better! I will do everything I can to help! Please be kind to everyone!

ryley, U.S.

please send help,ryley hamilton,1000 hospital road waynesville mo piney ridge center

Farwa Husain, United States

Asalamu Alaykum my young brothers and sisters :)

Do not have fear for Allah (swt) is with you! All the muslims around the world are with you. All of humanity watching around the world are with you. We hear your voices, we see your beautiful faces, and we will stop this madness. InshaAllah I will one day visit Syria and see you. One day, you will all be able to go back to your homes, your schools, your mosques, your lives. Have faith- that is the only real thing in this world. Ana Bahebak! <3

Alaa, Jordan

It matters not how strait the gate is, or how difficult the circumstances are. The most important thing is to know that you are the masters of your fates and the captains of your souls, according to William Ernest Henley.

Stay strong and believe that with education, you will have the greatest weapon of all to go back and build your Syria

Nadia, Norway

You are the hope for a better future, you are the heroes of today and tomorrow, You are the smiles that we would like to see in a stable and peaceful syria. We love you Children of Syria.

Begoña, España

Peace is a right of all, you will return home soon!

Optional , Lebanon

Surely the heart of a child is like fallow ground: whatever is planted in it is accepted by it." Imam Ali"
#Educate #childrenofsyria

المستشار سمير محمد آل مختار, iraq

دعواتنا لكم يا أطفال سوريا بالفرج القريب .لقد احترقت قلوبنا عليكم كان الله بعونكم

Rose , United States

Keep your heads lifted and your hearts turned towards God. He loves you all. Your faith and courage is such an inspiration to me and I am praying for you. Each day will bring different trials and challenges but never give up! So many are rooting for you and wish for your well being. Your example has changed many lives, including mine. If you endure until the end, you will be blessed! Never lose hope because it provides strength. We love you and stay strong!

Tina Armstrong , Nigeria

Knowing you are alive and still filled with your dreams,just know the future is bright. Never be dismayed by the dark past of war and sorrow but be assured, of the greater tomorrow when you will return to build your great country SYRIA.
With love from my heart and prayers on my lips, I LOVE YOU.

G. Lundun, Canada

You deserve the same joy and freedom that the children of Canada receive.

Linda, Kosovo

You guys are amazing. You inspire me everyday. Just thinking on how many problems you are going through and still managing to keep strong and smile, wow! That's what MOTIVATION means! You guys are my role model and I hope that one day, soon, i will be able to come visit each and everyone of you. I love y'all <3

Fro, Hong Kong

Keep strong and keep smile, we will always be with you.

Aysenur, United States

You are not a lost generation. Never forget that. This war, these hardships are carving out memories that will stay with you, perhaps scar you, but they will not define you. The world will await your greatness. My brothers and sisters, you are not lost. You will not become lost. Hope and struggle onwards.

Farrah Deen, England

We will always fight for you, pray for you, send love to you and forever seek to do all we can for you. With our power as part of the human race we will never stop trying to make this right for you. And the freedom you were born with , we will pray that God returns this to you.
We will send love, food and faith across the oceans. We havent forgotten you and if we could take you away from all this we would do this in a heartbeat.
Stay strong, keep believing and never give up hope.

lynda, England

Dear children of syria

You are been thought of all over the world, especially in the UK.. we are collecting food, toys, clothes,nappies , medicines and much more.
We do care alot and we want you safe and well.

Nan, Syria,Aleppo

People of Aleppo have been living without water for 1 week , help us #ChildrenofSyria Need water

Susannah, Hungary

Love is always patient; love is always kind; love is never envious or arrogant with pride. Nor is she conceited, and she is never rude; she never thinks just of herself or ever gets annoyed. She never is resentful; is never glad with sin; she’s always glad to side with truth, and pleased that truth will win. She bears up under everything; believes the best in all; there is no limit to her hope, and never will she fall.
Three things remain: faith, hope, love. But the greatest of these is love.

Anton kisho, Syria

Stop that crazy war on Syria's lands .
Stop that crazy struggle for authority .
Children are not given their lives to give it for authorities or politicians . they gave it to make a hope of beautiful countries .

Sherien, Egypt

No violence..No for chemo...May Allah be with you and strength your hearts towards the loss of your beloved ones...Stay strong, believe in Allah and that freedom will come one day.

Magdalena, Germany

Dear little heroes,
I wish I could hug you, take care of you and take away your worries and pain as I do with my own kid. It breaks my heart that you have to go through all of this. I send you lot of love and pray for your future.

Kerrie , England

Dear Children, I wish I could hug every one of you and make you realise his loved you are by many who you have never met. There are many who are trying the best to help you! Please pray, god and his angels will help you all. Xxxx

Rania Khoury, Lebanon

Every child has the right to education, no matter which part of the world they live in!
We should all contribute in the implementation of this right for the children of Syria

Sina Kholghy, USA

We will never understand what you have been through, but we will never abandon you. Keep up your fight, survive this conflict, and we promise that one day you will have better lives.

Denis, Luxembourg

My dear brothers and sisters, I believe that there is one universal force, which is unbreakable and imperishable, nothing can destroy it and nothing can touch it, the greatest of all, which recovers us, guides us, and gives us strength, this force is called love! It gathers people together, it opens our eyes, it teaches us patience, tolerance, sympathy, charity, and understanding. Love gives strength and love gives hope! We all love you and we do our best to help you! We all are one family!


دعواتنا لكم يا أطفال سوريا بالفرج القريب .لقد احترقت قلوبنا عليكم كان الله بعونكم

Lania Yuchanitz Fatma, Indonesia

The pain will make you stronger.Pain will teach you endurance.
Don't be sad. This war will soo be end. i always pray to syria. Allah is with us. KEEP SMILE ! :)

Parvin, US

Dear children of Syria, my heartfelt love to you all. I hope your future be as bright as the sunshine soon. Be hopeful. You are loved. Bless you

Ibrahim Capel Bangura, Liberia

Happy Easter week. May this holiday brings you success, prosperity, and the angels of the God show you the way to your inspiration. May the love of God always shine in your life, as you become a light for others. Have a pleasant day. God bless

Tessa, Unites States

Children of Syria,
You are not alone, and we are fighting for you everyday. You are in the hearts and minds of the people around you, desperately praying for your safety and well-being. Never lose hope, because although it may seem like the sky is growing darker, the dawn always breaks, and the sun will rise again, bringing a new day with new hope.

Geno Hope Alive , Nigeria

Our prayers and love are with them. Every child deserves an opportunity, they will get that opportunity. Their generation will not be lost.

Natalia, Russia

Please,never give up and continue to believe in happy future!
I hope peace will establish in your country!

S.M, india

We shall over come.We shall over come some day.....allah bless you all.

Encouragement to others is something everyone can give. Somebody needs what you have to give. It may not be your money; it may be your time. It may be your listening ear. It may be your arms to encourage. It may be your smile to uplift. Who knows?

Listen to the desires of your children. Encourage them and then give them the autonomy to make their own decision.

Naela, Tunisia

Dears, my angels you are always in my heart. Never give up you ll be home soon!
Love you.

Subina Begum, Birmingham, UK

May Allah's peace, mercy and blessings be with you always.

Sara Ali, Canada

every child of this world deserves an education to create the future that they want to see

Syazani, Malaysia

Dear #ChildrenOfSyria,
I am an English teacher. During my teaching in class, some of my students will not be interested to learn. For them, learning is boring. To make them realize how important a knowledge is, I told them about your stories. I told them that some of you had lost your parents, your family, despite that, all of you gained strength and decided to go to school to be an educated person. I believe all of you, will be a very successful people. I will always pray for all of you.

Yana, Singapore

Never give up, always pray to Allah for He listens to every prayer. Keep your faith strong and I pray we will all gather in Jannah in sha allah.

Giorgia , Italy

You are not alone, I promise that my friends and I will do everything we could to help you.
We will stop this war and you finally can go back home. Keep on smiling and never lost your hope. We will help you and you will be happy again.

Sarà, Italia

I see the eyes of my daughters and I think about how happy they are, see your eyes and think how it can be cruel sometimes the existence

Aliza, Pakistan

Dear Children, I send across nothing but blessings to you all. It breaks my heart to see and hear about you on the news every day and I try to imagine if my children, nephews or nieces ever had to go through what you are going through... you deserve a childhood. Lots of prayers and blessings.

nuccia grassonelli, italia

bambini,è dura ma dovete lottare, correre ai ripari perchè la vita è bella e quando tutto finirà il sole sorgerà nuovamente alto per voi.Vi penso spesso e da quando vedo le vostre immagini, i vostri volti immortalati nelle foto di Nino Fezza , i vostri occhi profondi e belli che esprimono fierezza e coraggio mi rendo conto di quanto miseri siamo noi e le nostre vite spesso banali.L'amore è un dono meraviglioso ed io ve lo dono tutto.


Hi kids!!! ..... you're in my hearth every day; hope to come to Syria soon, so we'll play together ........ WORLD, STOP THE WAR AGAINST SYRIAN CHILDREN IMMEDIATELY!!!

Silvia, Italy

All the children have the right to grow up: they should not be adult without having been children, or the whole world will lost any chanche to grow up and get better.

Silvia, Italia

You are not alone. I remember you everyday. I'd like to do something for you, but I can only think of you, I can only not forget you.

Mara, Italy

If you only knew how much I tried to help you for 6 months now! I hope you will see some results of my job in the future ... but in the meantime please resist ... you will have the difficult task of rebuilding your nation. You will succeed for sure, but you resist. Many people are with you all, my family is with you, my sons are with you and I always think you all even if we've never seen. Hold on, don't bow down to hatred and violence, it would not be the right way. Resist in the name of peace to come which we all hope is near. Please resist.....

Andrea, Italy

Peace is a right of all. You will return home soon!

Barbara R. Johansen, Denmark

As a part of a larger organisation (Save the Children) and as an individual, I find it important to say, that there are many of us who go to work each day, with you in our mind. Many of us have children on our own. I love you and I will put my effort into the situation, to help wherever I can, in all the ways that I can, with what I have. I will pass my interest in you on to my children, so that they can understand and appreciate the value in solidarity between all of the earths children.

Dana , Canada

I had a chance to do a model UN conference and one of the Resolutions was the Syrian Crisis. I would gladly send all my help and do everything to help the Children of Syria through this tragic time. I wish all countries could help more, because I don't think there's enough done to help Syria. I won't forget about the Children because it breaks my heart seeing them and their horrific encounters. NO Child should go through that, and I send my blessings to them <3

Anali Diaz, Costa Rica

All of you are in my thoughts and prayers! Don't give up and don't loose hope we all care for you. may God Bless you and I pray for peace for your country! and for families to be reunited! We love you! you guys are our brothers and sisters and remmeber at the end of all storms there is a beautiful rainbow, your rainbow is on it's way believe it, own it!! God Bless Syria!

Larissa, Brazil

We care, sometimes may look that the world don't care about you, but we do. We are trying to help. Keep strong!

Dawn Sanderson, United Kingdom

Children of Syria we don`t forget what you are going through ,at home, or as a refugee you are as precious as any other child and deserve a happy stable future with your amazing parents.Much love!

Joyann Leung, Hong Kong

Don't give up, we're here you for. I'm praying for you, and help will come. Stay strong, not only for you but for your family and friends too. <3

Jana Ward, Bahamas

You will have peace soon. Smile and be optimistic :)

Jana Ward, Bahamas

Dear beautiful children of Syria,
Please know that help is on its way. We all hear you and we are trying our best to get to you. I am a 15 year old girl praying everyday for your safety. I wish you the best of luck and the most happiness. If you need me I am one email away in the Bahamas. Do not be afraid because you will be at peace soon. I will try and everyone else will try their very hardest to get you justice, peace and happiness. Stay strong and beautiful help is on its way! :) <3

Hala, UAE

Dear Strong Children,
Don't you give up, because although life is tough today, the future is all yours.
Your voice is heard, and your prayers won't go unanswered. God is big, so don't lose hope.

Tricia, Singapore

May god be with with all of you. Please remember to never give up on your dreams, because if you stay true your dreams, they'll come true one day. Never give up, and always keep the faith. Remember that when all is lost, you just need a glimmer of hope and you'll be able to shine through it all. Stay strong! Tomorrow will be better day. We'll be fighting for you!

september, united states

i am praying for peace in your future.

Saif, United States

Dear kids,
Well all here know that you guys don't deserve it. But it's nice to know how you guys have been strong all the way through the war and haven't lost hope. Keep up and soon you guys will be out of it for a better future. We will all pray for you and hopefully in some way possible try to help.

Marwa, UK

Dear Children,
I hope you understand that none of you deserve to witness or face the consequences of this horrific war. For all that you have faced I will pray for a better future and an end to this inhumane war. Stay strong and insh'allah brighter day will near.

Ayelia , USA

I am sorry for the pain you are going through. Please keep your family, friends, and above all, Allah in your hearts. Remember Him through every struggle. Allah knows best and insha'Allah everything will be okay in the end. Praying for you. JazakAllah Khair.

Bobbi Dering, USA

We are so sorry that you are caught in this sad and terrible war. I am thinking about you and saying prayers for your healing and protection every day. Study hard, do good to others around you, help your parents, keep hoping for a better life ahead, and keep asking God for courage. Be strong! We send love.

Rachel , McCarthy

You are not alone - the thoughts and prayers of millions are with you every day. From now until the day this tragedy ends and until you may at last feel peace, we extend our healing love.

Lauren, Hong Kong

You're in all of our hearts. Stay strong and God bless you all.

FernandoMexico, Mexico

No pierdan las esperanzas, Dios esta presente y ya a escuchado sus ruegos.. Disculpen la falta de amor del mundo pero ustedes son tan importantes como todo ser humano.

Zeena, Iraq

Dear children of Syria,
Hold on. We are here to help. God is here to help. Just calm down and hold on. I am terribly sorry from the bottom of my heart. God bless you all. I know how terrified you feel but you are not alone. And never will be.

Candicia, England

I am so sorry to hear that you guys are having a fearful horrific time right now because of the outrageous civil war. I hope the best for you guys and hope this wont affect your future and if you are in school study hard so you can get a good job for example a doctor and dont forget tomorrow is another day and believe in yourselves. You can change the world to be a better place.

Tom, England

Dear chilldren of Syria, it is heart breaking to think that you have faced wars and violence where you are and to think that the government has been horribly violent and I personly dont believe Bashar al Assad a tall but I promise we will persuade the govement to help you. But I know that you might be thinking that us people around the world can show how sorry we are for you and that's good but really we should do something about it and that's what we will try and do.

Bernard, England

In the past years when I was a child I discovered the world of children and it makes me happy and safe but now I know its turning the world from happy world into crisis world because there are wars going on and there are homeless children who are very poor and nowhere to live now. I feel really upset and disapointed so listen up children of Syria don't be poor and sad, be cool, happy, rich, have a healthy lifestyle and be safe and sound thats what the Goverment really wants for Syria.

Sam, England

We are thinking about you in Syria. We are trying to help you out of your problems and stop the war. We are bugging the government to do something about this problem in Syria.

Kyran, United kingdom

I am sorry for all you people suffering like this. I hope your furtures
will be better. The goverment should do something about this .You should help
these innocent people.

Cameron, England

Some people in our country are raising money for you to help you have a better life. Some Syrians can come to England so they can have a better life but it is not enough because the Goverment is not doing enough. I'm really sorry for you having a terrible time.

Shaun, England

I am sorry that you are in a crisis. l am thinking about you and hope that you will soon be safe. l hope the war will end and there will be peace.

antonio ramos, Portugal

You are in my heart. I don´t forgot the cruelty of all the world with you. I don't forgot the few words about you in european medias. I don't forgot the "yes we can" and all the populistic sentences made by the world leaders. The hell is full of good intentions!

Pema Brunet, United Kingdom

I was a child once, now I have my own children I remember what it is to be a child and how you can be feeling strong one minute and then terrified the next. It is hard to imagine what you must be going through but remember that there are many people now that know of your situation. My own family and friends and have included you in their thoughts and sent donations to UNICEF. We hope you find the people close to your hearts, that you are warm with good food and clean water to drink.

Lusa, Netherlands

Dear Children of Syria,

Hope you all may experience soon peace, a warm and save place you can call home, enough food to feed you and your family, a playground where you can play save, not having to worry about tomorrow, just to be a child again, who goes to school, have friends to play with and can enjoy a happy and healthy life!

sumaya, Egypt

To all the children and families. Anyone with a heart could not look at your suffering without wanting to help.Stay strong and ur not a lost generation

Elizabeth, Venezuela

My prayers are for you my Angels.... You are not alone! God bless all of you!!

Syed Zelani, India

Our prayers are with you. We pray for peace in Syria!

I request all NGOs, who ever is serving in Syria please take care Syrian refugees.. We will do what ever we can do.. Please let us know.

Kim, USA

We hear you and we care; praying for you.

Mary Mason, United States

Our prayers are for this war to end soon, for the healing of their country and the people of Syria. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Andrinique, USA

Dear Angels,

Your hearts are seen by GOD and your cry's are not fallen on deaf ears !

I see, feel and hear you all and wish you love, light and peace.

Dragana, Serbia

Every childs right are attention, love and peace. With that on your mind walk quiet and try to love every day, though it is very hard to imagine. Beat time with smile. Love you all .

Jan Jacobsen, Norway

Peace Please

Disarm - Love - Unite !

Sobia Iqbal, UK

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon

To God we belong and to God we will return.

You're not alone...

Glenn, United States

Dear Children of Syria - Always remember that you are also, more importantly, Children of God - and as such I know & pray that very SOON He WILL save you through his One & only Son, Christ Jesus, who Loves you more than you can ever know. May He grant you Life, Strength, Safety, Health - & HOPE for the day when you no longer have to struggle for these God-given rights on a daily, perhaps hourly basis. My Prayers & the prayers of my family & friends are ALWAYS with you. In Jesus' Name, Amen!

Anita, USA

To all the children and families. Anyone with a heart could not look at your suffering without wanting to help. May the love, relief and support of kind people around the world find you. Praying you stay safe until that time.

Much love.

Konstantin , Germany

With all my hope and my passion to life, i think about you. with all my heart i wish, the war will end, for the sake of humanity. i can not imagine what you are going threw. i can not think about the horrible experiences you made. you are so young and have seen and felt more pain and death, than a lot of this so called civilized world. All my respect for those of you, which have still faith and hope and for those, who lost all hope, i hope you will find it sometime in your live again...

Ionela, Romania

I know words can't do as many as acts, but I honestly send all my prayers to the sweet hope of the world, the children.

Sofia , USA

My Dearest SYRIA,
I pray for you my children, every day and every night...
My Lord, Jesus Christ, hear our prayers and comfort those who have are in need of comfort, help, food, clothing, shelter, health and LOVE.
Have faith in God, please,
with love and warm hugs to all my children in Syria,

Delal, Germany

God will help you all inshaallah! Stay strong everytime. We think of you!

Randy, USA

No child should endure any type of war or conflict. Children are innocent.

I cannot watch children suffer, it is too heart breaking. We adults should know better, start a conflict and innocent ones suffer.

Sidsel Bak, Denmark

Dear Children of Syria
Please keep up a good spirit. There are many people standing by you!

Jari Kivela, Finland

We should do better, I know. Sorry!

Erika, Indonesia

Dear all the children in Syria,
None of you deserves to live your life with fear and danger. You are all the child of the future Syria. Please, stay strong and always remember that there will be a day that you can be a normal child again, you can live life with no fear and danger. You will pass this terrible war, You are ALL gonna be the survivor. You and all the people who've gone through the same situation, are in my prayers and thoughts. God bless you all

Kathy, United States

Dear Children of Syria,
You are not alone even if it feels like it. Please do not lose hope no matter what. Prayers are being said on your behalf and help is going to come. I am so sorry for your terrible pain, loss and circumstance. Sending my love and prayers.

paria, Iran

Oh God send the savior of all humankind , Imam Mahdi, Amen.

Paola, México

Hola! Lovely girls and boys, do know that there is good in the world, and that thousands of us are in the constant pray asking for your sadness and troubles to fade away. Better times are to come, keep those smiles and will strongh. All My love and prayers

Martim, Portugal

Never give up believing better times will come!

repak, france

I spent my entire childhood in a war, trust me, these days will pass and another beautiful life is waiting for you, help your brothers and sisters, You're very much in my thoughts.

Fernando Ch. Pittier, Costa Rica

You kids are an example of courage to the world. You are victims of the stupidity of evil adults today; very evil people. You must learn to change your circumstances for a positive future, that you deserve. The good people of the world is with you in our thoughts...

Brenda, México

#ChildrenofSyria,Maybe you and i will never meet up, never hear your voices or never see his eyes, if i could do anything else that only write a litte note there's no force in the planet to stop me to do it.I cant feel what you feel, i cant see what you see, but i think that the things going to be good again in one moment of yours life you will know what is the reconfortable feeling of love, to create a better life, to know how to prevent this horrible acts. #ILOVEYOUEVENIFWENEVERTOUCHOURHANDS

Ioanna Sofokli, Cyprus

Stay strong little ones. I pray for all your suffering to end soon and for your dreams to come true.

Mariana Branco, portugal


My name is Mariana Branco. I am a lucky western girl about to do 22 years old, studying in college. I joined a Literature course three years ago, aiming to become a journalist.
Maybe I dreamt of writing real stories of real people like you syrian children. Maybe it was something else. I am here to tell you that despite everthing your life and your dreams are valuable and possible. You are important!
Believe :)

Andrew O'Connor, United Kingdom

Today I stand, and want us All to Stand to make the Children of Syria not to be of a #NoLostGeneration - for this is not the only problem for we have to rebuild the broken Syria and make it a Whole again for this is or was the Birthplace of Civilization itself. Therefore #WeStandTogetherWithAllSyria. AOC

Sumaya Jaghlit, USA

Dear Children of Syria,
I am sorry for your suffering. You are living a life that no human should live. You only know a life of loss and sadness. I pray to God that you will one day know a life of love, giving, and joy. I pray that you will be able to live your life as a child who is able to play with his or her friends without worrying about your family and whether you have food or clean water. Please know that the world is thinking about you always but we have failed to help you.

Fatima Raza, Canada

Hi,please stay strong, hopefully there a better future comming tomorrow. Many people are with and want to help you.

Katy, USA

Hello my brothers and sisters! I send my greetings all the way from Texas! I send love, hugs to all those who are in need. To the children, I send hugs! I pray for peace, for love, for a heart. You are in my everyday prayers!

RAY, Thailand

Hello! All Syrian people. This is my voice from Thailand. I just want to tell you that it always have better tomorrow! Please don't give up. We always with you. People from all over the world never leave you.

We all friends :) We all born in to the same world :)


If you can read this, then you will know that the world is weeping with you. We all desperately want to see the war end. We see the hunger, the pain and the brokenness that you are going through. Please stay strong; remember that Jesus Christ came to this world to suffer and endure death on a cross so that we may have eternal life. Hold on to his love and mercy - for nothing can separate us from God's incredible love!

Crystal, U.S.A

Allahu Akbar precious children. We have not forgotten about you. May Allah bless your souls.

Peggy Newton, USA (Maine)

Allahu Akbar Dearest children,you are truly in my heart as much as my own children, <3 Trust in Allah always.

Leonne, Netherlands

My daughter and I are sending a wish for the children of Syria and other fleeing children, for a safe life in a safe place with their family and with enough to eat every day. Now it's time to get together and really make a change to give all these young people a life like yours and mine.

Elyanee, Malaysia

the children don't deserved any kind of war especially Syrian children...Hope there's more people to help the children and let's all find peace, my love always with you and I'm praying for your better future

Imanol, United States

My thoughts are with you children of Syria. My wish is that a brighter future comes soon.

Geraldine Perry, USA

I heard today that more money was raised for the Philippines in 3 months than has been raised in Syria in 3 years. That is crazy. We need to help in any way we can for these children who are suffering hunger and devastating losses.

Doug Foland, USA

Dear fellow children of Syria. Please know that there is an answer to your plight.
I send my prayers and healing energy.
You have not been forgotten
My love peace and prayers to all.

Belinda Meadows, USA

You are not forgotten--your story is being told and moving all of us to help in whatever way we each can. Please continue to hope.

Ed Solomon, USA

Although the situation you are in seems hopeless, there are many around the world who care about you and your country. Know that you are held close in our thoughts and prayers.

J-Cgirl Cooper, USA

May God be your Helper in every way....praying for your safety and peace in your heart and love to find you each and every day that no child will have to experience any more hurts and injustices that our world of children with be heal some day :)

Deborah Card, UK

all of you suffering all this injustice & violence may it end soon - for the children we have lost we send our prayers for their short sweet lives being taken so abruptly & for the children that are still within Syria our prayers & love are surrounding you x you are not alone x for the children that have been able to flee to the refugee camps may you stay safe & get the care you need x for the children & families that have lost parents & siblings & loved ones my thoughts are always with you xxxx

Jenny, USA

thinking of you and caring about your health, and safety. may you walk in peace one love love

Ana, Panama

Children of Syria, how my heart breaks for the injustices happening to you. You are so precious and beloved! We stand with you. I pray that the love and peace of God which pass understanding would fill your hearts with joy. I wish I could hug you all!

Meryl, South Africa

I pray for resolution and relief. You are in my prayers and in my heart.

V.Can, Uğurlu

I hope war end.God bless u.

Aza, Brunei

May God protect and bless all of you beautiful and strong people. Things will get better insha Allah. Have faith in Him. I love you.

Ali, United States

Dear survivors of the Syrian civil war,
After visiting a refugee camp, I realized that the most amazing thing I saw there was the community coming together and building friendships, building groups and relationships and supporting each other. They had fled their homes and wanted to do more than survive - they want to live. I believe with all of my heart that there is support - both in the international community, and within yourselves. There is never a reason to give up.

Abbas, UK

My sweethearts, you are in my thoughts every day. I am writing you from far far away. Please my little angels, have faith in God, be strong, I am doing whatever I can to support UNICEF so that they can take care of you. Everything will be alright, have faith in God and know that you are not alone. I love you all and I am praying to God all the time that my little angels wont suffer. AlhamduiAllah he hears our prayerts. Love and Hugs to you my Syrian Angels.

Amrita Singh, India

Dear angels of Syria, you're in my thoughts every day. I just want to tell you when you lose someone you love, you gain an angel you know and that angel will protect you. Just be strong and have faith in God. Like a bird singing in the rain, let grateful memories survive in time of sorrow. I will keep you in my prayers as well as your family & friends that things will improve for you soon. My all love for you my little angels of Syria! Blessings, peace and love...

Charlotte, England

There will be brighter days
Stay strong #ChildrenofSyria

Shagufta Dsa, India

As i type this message I cant begin to even think how difficult the situation is for these little angels. Why are they being tortured? What is the need to kill? i cant understand. All i understand is i can assure you Allah is watching your suffering and Inshallah you will be in a better situation soon. I love you my little ones. I wish i could do more. May Allah protect you all and save your future

Marieke, Netherlands

This war has to stop. Protect children! Give them a future! Give them education, especially now!

Sally, Japan

The children are the future and the future should secured for the Syrian people

Oussama, Liban

Be strong and one hand, there is always sunshine after the dark. #ChildrenofSyria

Deborah, Switzerland

You are loved and precious! You aren't worth less than any other child in the world. I'm sending much love to you and your families and you should know, that you're in my prayers every day. You are loved!!

Milton, United Kingdom

In the darkest of times, there is the greatest Love that keeps us even from death. You are loved more than you will ever know, loved more than people can ever show you in kindness. You are loved by God Himself, let that give you hope. That God never fails to show His love.

Tracy Sloane, United Kingdom

I will prey for you all that soon the fighting will stop and your will be able to go back to your homes.

AlMaha, Qatar

I hope that someone will read this, I just wanted to say that stay strong till the end and this crisis will end insha'allah soon. Don't forget that God is always beside your side just stay strong and peace will spread on day.
With love,

Joana Isabel Coll, Spain

You are innocen victims of a stupid war . But I remember you lots of times. You are just like most of kids . you like toys....going to school....playing with other children. You need all the support because you also belong to our
world , where there are lots of children who live different situations but need to be listened to because their voice
must be heard.

Hama J. Ali, Kurdistan of Iraq

I can Just imagine how hard it is for you... this really is one of the most extreme examples of brutality in all History. This will End but Stay Strong for now. I am sure there are many people like me who are constantly praying for you.

With LOVE.

Heba, Jordan

I don't know if anyone is reading this right now but a bad day is just a bad day. Choose not to make it anything more. Times of adversity will inevitably affect the conditions in which you live and work; yet you dont have to let it affect who you are and where you're headed in the future.
They can burn up your houses, your schools, your mosques, your cities, but your spirit will never die.
Always believe, after a hurricane comes a rainbow. Stay strong heroes.

anas, india

never let anyone say it is impossible....
everything is possible...
only one who decides is you.....
have a dream..
learn from teachers....
one day will have these days .....
remembered for building you nerves of steel.....

Roger, Singapore

Stay strong. The strength that Syrians has shown the world is inspiring. I think about you everyday, and I pray that your prayers get answered. We can't be with you, but know that we are by your side nevertheless.

Karen, Australia

I think about you every day; when I am working, when I am cooking, when I am cleaning, when I go to sleep at night and when I wake up in the morning. You are in my heart always. If I was in charge of the world I would find you and give you everything you need. Try to find joy in the little things; a new friend, a family member, a game, nature. Look for love. Love is the most important thing in the world and you can still have it. Don't look back unless it is a happy memory, focus on now.

Maher Ibrahim, USA

You are an Icon in our hearts!
You are not forgotten we believe in you!
The injustice will not last forever!
You are parts of the present of today and the history of yesterday and the future of tomorrow, you will bring peace to Syria!
You are not lost generation, but you are the hope of tomorrow!

Allan, Philippines

the future of this planet will surely be in the hands of our children today. Syria is a no different country and it suffered a lot. young innocent and beautiful children have died and still are under the terror of killings. My heart is crying for the lost lives and the people of syria are in my prayers. Save the Children of Syria!

Azimah Ash, Brunei

End the conflicts.In the pursuit of greater power, at the expense of future generation is neither patriotic nor heroic. These children deserves better than this. They're the very foundation where the source of the greatest power in building a strong nation lies; depriving them of their childhood and a chance to grow up fulfilling their dreams is unforgivable. May Allah protect you #ChildrenofSyria..I hope to personally contribute my energy in helping them achieve their freedom.

Rasha Zrek, Syria

Please help The Syrian children, I'm a newly Syrian mom and I want a safe future for my baby.
Thank you everyone who is supporting us.

Don Wood, United States

Let's no longer ignore what is by all human measures self-evident: it is wrong to harm children and it is wrong to kill children. Stop harming and killing children while waging war. Stop waging war against children.

Caitlin , England

I fully support Unicef and all they, and other organisations are doing to help the vulnerable children of Syria. You are not forgotten. peace, love & light xx

Karina Solis, Mexico

No estan solos!! No olviden que no todas las personas son crueles, y nunca pierdan la esperanza y la fe. Cada dia que pasa es una oportunidad para ser rescatados, el mundo esta observando las injusticias que ustedes sufren y no nos quedaremos con los brazos cruzados. TODOS SOMOS UNO MISMO!! Me duele su dolor, queridos niños no dejen de soñar por que esos sueños aun pueden volverse realidad, mantengan la fortaleza por q Dios le da las pruebas mas dificiles a la gente mas fuerte.

Marion, France

Please help children to build there future after war given them now safe and education away from violence and death. Your help to build a world more secure from each of us and more hopeful. because they are the adults of tomorow help please.

Leen Decloedt, Belgium

Lovely children of Syria, you're in my thoughts every day. I hope this suffering may soon come to an end.
You must believe that most people are good people and when you grow up do the right things (war is so wrong and injust, it's not ordinary people who want this). I send you all my love, be strong!

Aslihan Sogutlu, USA

It has been 1000 days. Millions of refugees. Targeted 10.000 tiny bodies. Millions of children are living in inhumane conditions. It's just enough! Stop the bomb-shelling in Syria. Please.

Aesha Jadhav, Egypt

Dear Children, No child should go through what you are currently experience. We "adults", are your culprit. We just sit and watch the news, donate online, while on these cold winters... you shiver, barefooted, hungry and afraid. It is a shame that with so many of us around, you are still not safe, you still don't have a home. Keeping a smile, as you do, is heroic. These eyes, full of hope. Hope that one of us will come to the rescue. I will visit you.

Sonja, Finland

It breaks my heart to see this kind of suffering! I can't believe how many times world leaders will let this kind of cruelty to happen with out doing anything to help or stop this. Thank you good people of UNICEF, Red Cross and many others of risking your own life's to help others!

Marianna Jaduscakova, Slovakia

Stop the fighting! The innocent human victims are suffering. I wish a lot of courage to UNICEF of their helping to stop the war. It´s heartbreaking to see these children and their family - victims of the war. It´s horrible knowing that somewhere just at this moment are children and their parents dying or crying. Please stop it. Thank you.

Diana Liniado, argentina

please, don´t lose hope, we are waiting for you, we know you are suffering so much, but try to trust in some humans that are fighting for your freedom...try to dream with best days
if you can try to play, to draw, to paint or just dream

Mohamed Shaker, Egypt

I really hope this chaos ends, innocent children are being orphaned or killed everyday, and i really hope that the day will come, and the tyranny shall fall, and those kids return to their normal lives and live prosper Inshaa Allah

Adrian , USA

God bless all kids in Syria
Stop the war and give better life

Laura Kornak, United States

Hello! I am so very sorry that you have to endure all of the hardships from war and can't attend school now. I will keep you in my prayers as well as your family & friends that things will improve for you soon. You should be very proud of yourself for working so hard to help your parents and brothers. You are a wonderful child and deserve the world! All my best to you!

katarina, croatia

I'm still a kid so I can't do much but when I start to live my life I'll help all families who need help and every child of the world.I sympathize with you and the children deserve to have a childhood what other kids have.I know that life is hard but God sees your suffering.I will never forget you.

Barbara, USA

Dear young people of Syria,
I carry all of you in my heart every day, and I pray that each of you will be the most committed generation to peace and equality than any generation before or after you. May your country soon have the will to end this senseless tragedy and may you have a future where you can become educated and have a meaningful life filled with compassion for others always.

Parag Chatterjee, India

Je boyose aamra mayer ador peyechhi, school-e porhashona korechhi, Bondhuder sathe afuronto adda merechhi sei boyoser hajar-hajar ba laksyo-lashyo Syrian bachchara ei sob hariye aaj kothay daNrhiye!!!

E Juddho ki karone? kar upokaarer jonye?
Tora Juddho Kore Korbi Ki Ta Bol?

Bondho hok prithibee jurhe ei hingsa r hanahani

Stop War, spread peace & love


We see you and we hear you and we feel for you and WE WILL NOT FORGET YOU. Somehow, someway we will help you overcome in whatever way we can. May the Almighty cover you with his protection always.

Rana, USA

I pray this war ends! I pray for syrian people. I pray for the children my heart deserve happiness and love!

Shabina Hussain, United States

You deserve to live in safe nurturing environment. You deserve love of your parents, You deserve to go to school and play in the playground. May peace return to Syria soon!

sofia vokolos, ny, usa

Dear God, our Lord, Agia Thekla and all the Saints for all Children...Please HELP and save our children in SYRIA....

Sarah L, USA

Stop the fighting, this is enough!! Prayer for all involved. May common sense and moral human character prevail. The children, mothers, and fathers of Syria need peace.

Raouf Bennaceur, Tunisia

Stop killing children in Syria

Noorjahan Lallmamode-Dauhoo, Mauritius

Children need to have a future, therefore let's help UNICEF protect and educate the children of Syria.

It is most unfortunate that one single person who does not want to leave power can cause so much pains to the civilian population including very young children and elders.

It is even more heartbreaking when it comes to children because they are supposed to have a future. These children are the world's future, let's build it now.

Ryann-Lacy C., United States of America

It truly saddens me to watch the struggles that no child should EVER have to endure on the news every day. By giving these children a voice we can give them hope. May peace be with all of these sweet children of Syria soon. You and your country are in my thoughts every day.

Amna, USA

Inshallah the war will be over soon so you can all go back home. Praying for all of your families! You're NOT alone. Stay safe. Sending love!

Junksu, Finland

Do not never give up hope even this war seems to continue for long time. Peace&love!

someone , bahrain

salam!, I don't know if you going to read my message but I just wanted to say that i'm so sorry I can't help you, but you should that you own the heart you do,
much love

voice, world

We need you,we are Syrian don't forget

Montse Mejia, Mexico

#ChildrenofSyria i might have the same age this kids may have, and we all have dreams, and my personal opinion is that kids must require their rights to study, win money, be happy, not being mistreated and above all... TO LIVE

Le Hung Nguyen, Vietnam

We know that you are facing one of your worst situation in your history, but don't worry my Syrian friends, we - the global citizens will always be beside you, your kids and your country. Together we can overcome this obstacle, and turn this world into a true paradise.

Umed Rasul Ismail, Kurdistan Region Of Iraq

I am Education facilitator From UNICEF always we try to offer the best benefits for Syrian refugee especially Children because they were in bad situation they need us to help them we built the school in all camps. i am proud to be UNICEF Education Facilitator

bidur, nepal

our org name is children human right our work is sosial children power children etc

Salma , Egypt

Every day hundreds of children dies in Syria and we do nothing we leave them face the war however we know that it will effect badly on them in the future we leave them see their parents die and their homes become nothing . we saw those children in this war from about 3 years and we did nothing or we wrote this cute messages . we have to stop talking we have to support the Syrian kids from that killer or Syria will got no future

María del Carmen Álvarez Salcedo , Colombia

Sin lugar a dudas no debemos permitir que éstas cosas pasen a ser más graves de lo que son ahora, pero nunca podemos perder la esperanza de que no sólo los niños y niñas de Siria puedan ir a la escuela, sino también todos los niñas y niños que no tienen los recursos para ir o por por el desplazamiento, las guerras, violencia y demás; y que aveces sea esa sólo la única razón por la cual no asisten.
Todos necesitan nuestra ayuda, los niños y niñas necesitan una voz.

Susanne, Germany

I know this is just another written message and it is not much... I have you all in my heart, each one of you. There is noone less worth in the world, all are the same and deserve all the same. Children are the most vulnerable in these serious destructive conflicts and should be taken care of especially. They did not do anything and did not cause anything and do not deserve that hardship of life now, nor a destroyed future. You are not forgotten, children of syria, you are loved.

Linda Meyer, USA

We are praying for an end to this struggle and for you, the children of Syria, to have as bright a future as any child. A future full of Hope. With love from Louisville, Kentucky, United States. Linda

Pernilla Olabi-Vogt, UK/Turkey/Saudi/CH

Fellow educators and social scientists. Let us please work hard on inquiries beneficial to the #childrenofsyria.
Write a grant proposal, volunteer in camp schools, partner your school up with a school for refugees, prepare and share lesson plans that help build trust capacity, etc. REACH OUT and let's do this!

Petar, Serbia

As a kid I survived NATO aggression on my country and whenever I see war conflict brings those memories back... Syria, I hope that it will be over soon.

Joseph Bowles, United Kingdom

To all those who have experienced the horror of even just know about the atrocities, it is now your responsibility as a human not to stand by. The difference between change and nothing changing is the will to act, the difference is to look at your own apathy and change it to empathy. never leave it to someone else and understand that everyone's life is as important as your own.

Jon Horn, United Kingdom

My message is not to the children of Syria but to the people of the World. A great man once said " Be the change you want to see in the world". So let us be that change. These children did not ask to be in this situation. They do not only need but deserve our help.
Change begins with us all. So stand up and do something that will make this world a better place. And make that stand here and now by helping the Children of Syria. No child deserves to have a bright future taken away.

Verena, Germany

in all this horror you r experiencing, how can I tell you to not give up? But please don t give up yourselves, trust in God and in a better future. Be strong, be stronger than you can and in the end there will be way out of this for you, inshallah!

Vivienne, Ireland

Please help the children. They should be happy and safe.

Sohad, Denmark

We are not going to say why does this happen, because we know exactly why! Those who destroyed your neighbour countries have reached your country! But who will suffer and pay the biggest price at the end! only innocent people only children. They lost their homes, have no cloths to protect them from the hard weather, have no food no water and they are going to lose their future if the good people in the world does not act at once. God be with you little angels.

javier villar, Spain

#ChildrenofSyria, keep smiling, to show the world that your smile is stronger than democratic governments blindness. Your smile is the best weapon for fighting blindness, Resist!

Safi, Syria

stop the war in Syria
it's enough

monica ieva, italy

Courage...We no need wars .make love not violence..stop!!!!!! childrens are future stop stop this violence!!

Rini Angraini, indonesia

I do not know what i have to say to make you feel better, this message, just a message from the thousands of messages for you, but i rly wrote this with all my heart. Only remembering you, it really makes me sad, please keep smiling and be strong^^. Because you are a little angel from God, and I believe, God was very-very love you,,

Lise Aubin, canada

Soon, you shall be the future caregivers and caretakers of the next generation of #ChildrenofSyria. I have complete faith in you. I truly believe that it is with your generation, that the world we will finally be able to declare: '' Never again! '' You are beautiful. I salute you All! <3

Ali Omran, Saudi Arabia

it is so sad how the majority of people and media groups pay so much attention to the political side of the crisis, with minimum or even no coverage to the real disastrous situation of humanity and Children. #ChildrenOfSyria you are not alone, we'll do everything possible to spread your message and to attain support. Love for all kids,

Corrina, England

We are all born free of prejudice, prejudice towards others is a cultural development. If any child is raised without the religious or political or racial opinion of others, they will be free. At a basic human level all anyone needs is social and practical contentment, but unfortunately the world makes this very hard to achieve; I hope that Syria is soon freed to help their children work towards this. xxx

Safira, Indonesia

keep strong! God always with you :*
#NoLostGENERATION for the #ChildrenofSyiria

Nadia, London, UK

We are thinking of you and we pray that your plight will end and you can turn to a happier life in peace.

Nida Alfathimy, Indonesia

Keep Fight, Keep Strong!!! Allaah SWT Always be there..
Hopefully be the best student and trained.. Love you all kids.. :)

Mulham, Syria

We will keep standing for our children, for the #ChildrenOfSyria , just like we had our right to learn we won't let you down to lose your right.
Your generation will never get lost, ‪#‎NOlostGeneration‬ in Syria, education will never lose the battle against war.

adlin, indonesia

please be strong!don't lose your hopes kids..keep faith, ,,Allah always with you,,we love you all ,kids

Cemre, Turkey

The future of millions of Syrian children depends on mercy and compassion political leaders will show at Geneva 2 talks. I am afraid, indeed.

钱静宜, 中国


Rez, Australia

Pls help the cold children of Syria, give for goodness, give to receive n receive n receive,,,,
n there is a choice of options with different ways n areas targeted,,,,,
They say, custom make donation satisfies the soul"""""" bless

Mariani, Singapore

Hello children of Syria and all affected people in the country, let's pray for a better tomorrow and the day after. Let's keep praying for a brighter future and please do not lose hope. The world is with you and we're helping in every way we can.

Natasha Conroy, United Kingdom


Dear Children of Syria and all the displaced families who have been affected by this conflict. We have not forgotten you and you will be helped. Have faith that we will resolve this and let you return back to your homes and let the children have a fresh start away from the violence.

You are always in my heart and I will try my best in my everyday life to raise the awareness of your suffering and help send any way i can.

Love and believe

Natasha Rumana Conroy

Micol S., USA

It is strange to see how luck plays a great role in our lives. These children have unfortunately been born into a era of conflict, in which they do not deserve to pay the consequence for. The children of Syria are filled with immense potential and must be given the equal opportunity for the future of their lives and country. Freedom, education, and peace to all - may this generation of Syrian children become prosperous, not lost!

Jan Pětvalský, Czech republic

I would like to have more power to
do more, but I hope that mass start from one.

I wish that such childrens can smile and play a games as any
other that can live in serenity.

Samia, United Kingdom

Have faith in God and God with help you inshallah. For me, I am doing fundraising in school with a group of friends. I made my best to make sure everyone knows about your sufferings and hear your crystal tears as they are valuable to all of us. Hopefully peace spreads in Syria and in all countries around the world.

Eva, United Kingdom

Children in Syria hang in there, we are trying to help you. At my school we have organised a full week of fundraising, and even made an assembly to all the years to make them aware of your situation.
God be with you

AMINA, Argentina

Are all responsible for the great human family! Or not are our children? and if tomorrow touch our children? everything is in our consciousness.

Thomas Scowcroft, United Kingdom

The Children need new schools and teachers. We need to pay for that soon.

Martina, UK

All great Love in the one Heart to you.

Bright blessings and Joy to your dear souls.

Prayer of Peace with you x x x

Tricia, United States of America

Dear Children Of Syria,

We love you!

Stay strong-- Keep Peace and Love in your heart.

You are the best chance for a peaceful future.


mitch, canada

This is a terrible what is happening or has happend already to these familys in syria. This should not be happening to familys , They should not be suffering , The goverment has no reason to do this to these innacent family that have done nothing wrong to the goverment.

Cristian Velásquez, El Salvador

Espero que la guerra termine en su país, ánimos!

Kamlesh Bhagatkar, India

Peace is very important to create Humanitarian Power, war is not a solution their are many challenges ahead with whom we need to fight #Childrenofsyria

HiraA., Pakistan

#SaveChildren #SaveIslam #SaveHumanity .. #ISLAM The Only RELIGION of #HUMANITY ..

Twisha, UK

Dear children of Syria, there is light at the end of the tunnel, there is a dawn after every dark night, there is hope admist much dismay and disappointment, so do not lose courage, I am with you, we are with you, the world is with you.

Giang Nguyen, Việt Nam

We love you, Syrian
From Viet Nam with love

Charlotte, England

Stay safe and don't stop believing in a bright future <3

Ed Gracely, USA

The world is watching and hoping. We must resolve this problem and enable the children (and adults!) of Syria to resume their lives. Many good minds are working on a solution. We will find one!

Noor, USA

You are not forgotten. We love you.

Luigi Amoresano, Italy


Dima, UAE

You are Syria, and with your strength we can still call ourselves Syrians. We never forget you because you are us and we are you.

Gregory Horton, United States of America

Please do all you can to stop the senseless slaughter of civilians , children and their parents.
God gave us everthing we need to survive on this Earth. Why can't we share our resources to help other humans , so we can end the hatred of each other!

Jose, Spain

We are with you, supporting and helping, doing what we can and more! We don't want to see a lost generation of innocent children caused by a war!


Killing, Torturing, Keeping away from knowledge were once done by rulers like KING PHAROAH. Its harsh to believe its repeating again. Whole world may suffer its curse from God.

When its difficult to live happily how are going to think of education first.

I request -
"UNICEF and UNO must find some way to create immediate protection zone inside the country itself ,before such tensions and war occurs , so that atleast mother and children can stay
safe during these
horriffic situations.

Luisa Coelho, Portugal

Hope and Faith

Tosin , United Kingdom

We stand with the #childrenofsyria.

Sara , Egypt

trust that love will prevail ...
After hardship comes ease ..
Allah is great ..
we all with you .. praying for you ^_^ ....

Ana Paula Marum, Brazil

never give up! we are united for a better world! love and hope!

ashley, USA

Stay Strong, know you are loved and that the universe is with you!

Arshiya, India

Dearest Children,
I pray that your country comes out of these troubled times. And while it is difficult, don't lose hope.
Allah would help you.
Ask questions!
Be curious, because when your nation is ready, it is you who has to built it up.

Fathin, Indonesia

God will help you, all of you. Please all people, anyone of you who read this, help to pray for them. Stop this messy conflict! For God's shake they are children!

Faris.K, India

Wah Syriah! Wah Syriah!!
Take my heart and give them back!!

Natalia , Ukraine

The problems we face are to make us stronger.We have to protect our beliefs and help others to do the same! children of Syria my heart is with you!

Birgit, Germany

This war is going on too long and too far...I am shocked, it's unbelievable and sad especially for you the children of Syria but you will never be forgotten - not a single day! Never loose hope, stay strong and pray for peace! Our thoughts, hearts, love and hope are always with you!

Keren, Australia

Stay strong and safe. You are not alone.

Anas, Turkey

Our hope is in alla to helps us in this war we hope you will have a beter life

Karaceil, AustriA

Hold on... help is on the way

Ruba, Syria

Your are not alone. We feel you . We love you. We will do our best to save you and us! You are the corner stone of Syria's future ! Don't cry . Be patient ! It is just a period of time , but unfortunately a very long period ...

Fiona Coombe, UK

It is hard to understand the hatred and enmity that puts children's lives at risk and even targets children. This is a preventable situation and in the 21st century and civilised society killing one another will never bring peace. We can only pray that those in charge on both sides have the courage and strength to set an example and lay down their weapons and talk to one another to resolve this conflict.

Elene Totibadze, Georgia

I am ready to help by all possible means!

Ricardo , Costa Rica

Felling sorry won't do anything. We must act, we must help, we cannot close our eyes as to what is going on in a world we all live in.

Felix Bender, Germany

Let's work together for a better future and help the children of Syria! If we take action now it is possible to help them. Join us and give those children a voice!

Aashwany, Malaysia

Dear brave-hearts of Syria, I know this is the most inconvenient time for all of you. My thoughts and prayers are always with you. No children should spared from education. Education is a journey to light up freedom and peace. Stressful moments like this is going to really inspire you to be a strong person or even leader in the future. Be strong. Change is coming your way and education is the path. I pray from my heart for all of you.

Tina Williams, UK

You are all incredibly brave and though we may be many miles away, there are lots of us thinking of you and willing to do all we can to make your lives better again. Above all, remember to play and laugh whenever you can.

wardani jayanti, indonesia

you are not alone little fellows, stay strong and never give up hope!
as human being


Education is something that can remove the darkness.It helps us to choose the right path.I pray that they can overcome the situation very soon.

Bierka, United States

Every child deserves to live life to the fullest. Every child, not matter the background or circumstances deserves an education; education is power.

Jana, Croatia

Be brave you little fellows
We are with you with our minds and prayers...Sending love

Stephanie Yuen, Hong Kong

To love is to concern, to take care, to pay attention to the people who are next to you. Please be brave to give help to the world as you are strong enough to be.

Sonya Schollum, Australia

The children of conflict are innocent victims and they need protection and support. Education is vital for their wellbeing and their future. They need support and much love to help them deal with the trauma and sorrow that will be with them for the rest of their lives.

Lisa, Canada

be brave, there are wonderful people trying to make a difference and help you. It seems so scary and dark but there is a light at the end of the tunnel

Hugh Terry, UK

All kids need an education, none more so than these victims of violence.

Thamires, Brasil

dear children of Syria,I don't know what you need to do or see to survive everyday in that hell they give to you,but I hope it ends soon.

Here in Brasil the children suffer so much with the drug traffic and the poverty, they lose the inocence early, I hope Syria's sons have a dream in your heart and mind,close your eyes my babes,the help is coming,I hope so.

Wish you the best,peace and life.

Michal, Poland

I hope you will survive. Peace to all of you and those that are no longer with you.

Melissa, Canada

Dear Children of Syria,
My thoughts and prayers are with you at this most stressful time. Children like you should be playing, exploring, and expanding your imaginations each and every day. Unfortunately, because of what is happening in your country, you are unable to live a normal, happy life. I hope that as you grow into an adult, that you will be inspired by these unfortunate events and stand up for what is right, and make positive change. You are the future, you are important!

May, Canada

Dear children in Syria
Every day I pray for you
I wish to wipe all your bad memories and for you to live in peace
You need warmth , nutrition , education and love .

Casey, USA

Sending love and hope...

Amr Mohsen, Egypt

Dear Syrian Children,

As an Egyptian, I have witnessed a lot of conflict in my country and unfortunately witnessed a lot of my own people and family die due to the current situation. I know how that unfortunate feeling is that you can't go out and play or get a chance to enjoy a nice warm meal outside. I feel sorry that such young children like you have to go through these situations in this period of time. I hope that situation and the war would soon come to an end. Stay Safe and warm.

dreams child, NY, USA

To the #childrenofsyria.
I am so sorry that any child, in this day and age, must got through what you are experiencing.
This is not the end.
Have hope and know that there are still good people in the world who care for you. It will get better.

Francisco, USA

I read the news from Syria and will continue to help how I'm able.

Paul Sherratt , England

My hopes and prayers are with you all at this time of need, nobody should have to suffer these atrocities in this age.

Paul Sherratt , England

My hopes and prayers are with you all at this time of need, nobody should have to suffer these atrocities in this age.

Paul Sherratt , England

My hopes and prayers are with you all at this time of need, nobody should have to suffer these atrocities in this age.

Dee, UK

Dearest Children of Syria, you are so precious. I am so sorryfor the pain and hunger you are feeling. I pray for you every day.

rana, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I am Syrian woman ,I know that my children in and out of Syria are hungry and feeling lonely and sad . I can't wait to see them in the well state that they deserve, they are so smart and lovely kids they're similar to yours

Bethany , England

It is hard to imagine what life is like for you and it is terrible what you have been through but there is always hope for you and your families. Try to keep your chins up and try not to worry too much, we are thinking of you over here xxx <3

Alisha Arthur, United Kingdom

Children of Syria my thoughts and prayers are with you. No child should have to feel in danger in their native country, I pray that soon you will feel safe and the conflict will cease. Know that we think of you

Sean Smith, USA

There is not a dark end to your story. There will be a brighter and better tomorrow. It can happen, it will happen. Believe. Stay strong and be safe, much love coming from the world. #childrenofsyria

Louise, United Kingdom

From a country far away to Children in a very different place in lots of ways.. I think of you often, I have a very good friend from Syria and she is one of the kindest, most generous people I know. Be sure we think of you, we pray for you and we hope that soon you will be in a better place. With more peace and fun in your life. Never give up, feel all the love that is coming your way. Be safe. #childrenofsyria

Linda, Czech republic

Stay strong, don't stop believing there's good in the world. You've got your heart and your mind that can lead you to better days. If nothing else, there'll always be a hope. I believe in you and in every child in common situation around the world. You won't be lost.

Dianne Jones, Turkey

You children of Syria are constantly in our thoughts. We make blankets from squares knitted around the world which we send to help keep the children warm. Every square in the blankets is a hug from the people of the world to let you know you are not forgotten. We care!

kenny977world, malaysia

Be strong in any circumstances that may come and never give up.

Emma, Oxford

Please remember you are not alone, my prayers are with you. <3

Monicah, South Africa

You are the future of Syria, have Faith and remember through the power of Faith and Love know that you are not lost and people hear your cries and will stand by you. As the #ChildrenofSyria do not be afraid to fight for your Education, Human Rights and the future of Syria. YOUR NOT ALONE.

Katherine Crisp, UK

You are special.
You are not forgotten.
You don't deserve to have seen or experienced what you have been through.
There is a better future ahead for you.
I truly hope the world can come together to let you return to your country and, in the meantime, support you in your new homes.

Kathy Hall, Canada

In the most dire of circumstances there is always power in belief. You are all beautiful children who will grow into adults who have the power to implement needed change. Education is the ground work for this. Love and light to you all xo

Erudessa Brie, Philippines

No future should ever be stolen from a child and no child should ever suffer. My heart and my prayers are all with you. I have spread this awareness to friends and families, and even to strangers. I really hope you find the light in the darkness of all that's happening. May God protect you and carry you through the hardships of this life. Just stay strong and pray, and believe there will be a better future waiting for you.

God be with you all.

Diane Prater, United Kingdom

Hoping you find some joy today. We haven't forgotten you.

Maen Aloquili, United Kingdom

I realized that what all these children needed was attention and expressions of affection and love. They were sad and lonely. They missed their friends, their teachers, their homes. All of the Syrian children's refugees young and old, are innocent victims of a rigid conflicts. May god be with them, protect them all and spread the peace around them.

elaine, England

This is unacceptable. we must not forget the children, they are a future generation. <3

Katy, Australia

Know that you are not alone - many, many people are with you in heart and spirit and will continue to keep working towards helping you attain the life you deserve. x

Patti Henningsen, USA

Be stoic. This life is a gift even when it seems bereft of any merit. Try to find one thing every day that seems good. When you're surrounded by loss, remember that the next moment is another chance to build from now into a better future, even if it seems so very far away. Keep the faith, whatever your faith may be because it is something precious and no one can take it away from you. Carry on.

Kim Anh Dinh, Australia

There will be times in your life where you feel all your happiness, mental strength, courage and hope has drained and this is one of these times, but try to smile. Persevere yourself in these tough and harsh moments. Believe in yourself, you can persevere. You may be young, but who ever said you had no mental strength?
You must stay strong, be brave, have hope, the world and I is and will be behind you.
Each individual, no matter how down they feel, always have that little mental strength that will help them to battle difficult life situations like the desperate situation you are facing at such a young age. All you have to do is believe, you have the capacity and power.
Remember, if it's not okay, it's not the end.

Chaman, Canada

Stay strong & brave we will not let you be forgotten and struggle through this alone <3

Johanna November, Germany

stay brave please... and i just hope more will donate and help in the future inshaaAllah

Anne Collén, Sweden

I have started a petition through Facebook to knit woolen socks for the children in Syria. The respons is great and we are all looking forward to send these "handmade with love" socks to the children we love in Syria.

Sophia, United States of America

Stay strong, keep hope. Hope and joy is always stronger at the end of a long dark tunnel
You have numerous people (including me) supporting you , hoping for you , praying for you.

Sokcheng, Cambodia

I am Sokcheng, 17, want to tell all #ChildrenofSyria that I support you from the bottom of my heart. #Nolostgeneration #Brightworldforsyrianchildren

Christina, United States Of Americs

I'm with you every step of the way.Every child should have the opportunity to have an education.And learn so much that there is to everyday life.Children are the hope of the world & I'll stand by #ChildrenOfSyria for always!

Kate Barkes, UK

We want so much for you to be safe and ok. I will do what I can.

ally, Australia

You have not be forgotten. Never give up hope. you are not alone.

Lynne Reid, UK

The loss of life is awful in war. The loss of a child's life is a tragedy.

lea, hambarsounian

*Don't lose hope* #أمل

Lin Marelli, The netherlands

Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace.
Let love rule!

Donna Coates, United Kingdom

Don't give up hope. We haven't forgotten you. x

Jing, Netherlands

أمل do not loose hope

Jessica Scott, United States

No one deserves to be homeless, cold, hungry, hurt, or lost. We hear your voices. Stay strong. People care about you.

Rute Barros, Portugal

I really hope the humanitarian crisis in Syria comes to an end very soon!!! My heart is with all of you!

Norbert Beleczki, United Kingdom

I feel said and ashamed that we (humanity) cause and allow such horrible things to happen. I wish I had a magic stick to end your suffer. Be strong and courageous! We will never leave you or forsake you!

Gareth, UK

As human beings we cannot let any generation be knowingly placed in jeopardy such as the children of Syria are now.

Carin Åkerström, sweden


Carin Åkerström, sweden

We will not loose you

Carin Åkerström, sweden

We think of you

Rachel, Wales

I am so sorry that you've had to undergo such suffering and hard times already in your lives. I am sorry that unjust circumstances have robbed you of much opportunity and joy. I know that I do not fully comprehend the impact that these circumstances will have and do now have for you but I want you to know that in the small way that I can I stand with you and will try all that I can to help at this time and beyond.

Carin Åkerström, Sweden

We will not loose you

Susan Szkilnyk, England

To the Children of Syria - The whole world knows what is happening in your country and we are doing all we can to alleviate your suffering. We find out through social media, television and newspapers and are donating money to pay for blankets, clothing, food and medicines. No one should have to go through the suffering that you are facing now, made worse bcause of the bitter cold winter. May you know Peace and Stability soon.

Dolly Navina Lakra, INDIA

‪#‎childrenofsyria “ See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that in heaven their angels always see the face of my Father who is in heaven. " ~ Matthew 18:10

Gab Chaag, Mexico

As salamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
You will rise like the phoenix, nobody will defeat you. You will recover your childhood.
You are an example of dignity, braveness and freedom; don't forget that when you become a parent.
Allah Will protect you always in sha 'Allah

Fiona Doubleday, UK

The world has let you down for far too long. It is time for universal intervention to support the children of Syria and give them back the life they deserve.

Emily Horton-Jones, UK

Never ever give up hope, we are all willing things to get better for you XXX

Wes, Alaysia

Even I never did anything to help the children of Syria , by sending the this message to every corner let everyone knows they need help ! We all with you !

NonnieMalindi, Zimbabwe

In this time of trial always remember that we will never give up on you. We will continue to stand for you all to have a violence-free childhood. Each and every one of you deserves a decent education and deserves to be protected. I hate that your childhood is being robbed and that so many of you have had to witness such terrible atrocities that even I as an adult cannot even begin to fathom and I truly, deeply and sincerely wish that I could offer something more than just words and love.

El, Malaysia

Living in the globalized world with easy and fast connectivity makes me wonder how a generation can be lost. But it's the truth because even though we know, we choose to ignore just because it does not impact our lives directly. I wish and hope, that while there's a lot of advancement in science and technology, we also advance in attitude and moral so that no generation can be lost. I wish and will help whatever i could so that education isn't neglected there. Have faith...

Nani L., United Kingdom

We must take responsibility and help children make sense of their present reality and have hope for a better future. We can all make a difference!

Faisal Alhusayni, USA

#childrenofsyria I hope that all of you will go back to your normal life soon. Please don't negatively impacted by radical people who came to your country with their own agenda. Also, work very hard to accept one another no matter the differences that you may have. Violence will never stop violence, the only way that can stop violence is believing that you are ALL equal and you ALL deserve the best. Be strong to make a brave decision to build you your country NOT destroy it. "Stop the violence"

Joel, B

We are with you! Sending love and hope...

Haz, UK

Our prayers, love and support will always be with you. We will always be there for you to make sure you learn, you achieve your goals and live the lives you deserve. You will not be named the lost generation, instead we will strive to make sure the future of Syria is a brighter one with your achievements. Your generation is the one to bring Syria back to life and show the world your strength and patience in such hard time. Lots of love, Haz

Felicity Hohipa, New Zealand

Dear Angels of Syria. I am so sorry for the life that has been placed upon you. I am also sorry for the suffering and loss of your parents and grandparents. My prayers are with you all and I send to you lots of AIR HUGS & AIR KISSES & all my LOVE.

Vania, Indonesia

We are with you, #childrenofsyria! God never leave <3

Johanna Holm, Sweden

Love for each and every one of you <3

Ria Verhaeghe, Belgium

We will not alow that there is a lost generation, YOU CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD!

Yasmin Al Tellawy, France

Having covered Syria and the surrounding regions with the refugees for 2 years now, I most certainly support this. The heartache, tragedy, and struggle these children are facing on a daily basis is beyond belief and beyond describing. Many of these children have witnessed graphic atrocities, and many without school for nearly 3 years now. Change must come and the future must be thought of now to ensure there is not a greater crisis to come when these children are adult. They deserve a chance.

Tihana, Croatia

My favorite quote says it all: Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Nelson Mandela

Rania , Jordan

No lost generation.. we will not allow it! you are the generation of light & hope. May Allah bring you peace

Lo, England

I now feel so privileged to have had an education up to degree level. I wish I had appreciated it more at the time. Everyone deserves the right to learn and absorb the world of books, science, maths, languages. Reading how much these children want to learn and knowing children in y country disregard it makes me want to help the children of Syria get their wish.

Aasia Khan, England

حَسْبُنَا اللَّهُ وَنِعْمَ الْوَكِيلُ
"Allah is sufficient for us and He is the Best Guardian".

Kiki Elmer, UK

How much longer must these children endure and survive in these unsanitary conditions? How many more young lives must be affected by the bitter cold, outbreaks of disease or malnutrition? How much more of their childhoods must be scarred and crushed by conflict? How much more of an education and future must they lose? How many innocent lives must be lost? How can some still continually sit by and do nothing? Send respect, dignity & hope to the #childrenofsyria by supporting @Unicef_UK

Yasmine, Jordan

God be with you all, we are thinking about you all the time....

Tia, Indonesia

I think we have to stop the war because this world is not a game area. We have to try make a peace. We don't know what will happen if we make that peace :) Now, There just fire in their head because they don't want to make that peace. Peace is everything. God don't like it. #childerofsyria

Nicholas l, usa

We're thinking of you all. I know it's not easy, but do not forget to keep dreaming and thinking of what is possible. You have a lot of people behind you and working towards a solution to end this war. We all want to help and get your lives back on track, and you can be assured that people won't leave and pack up right when this war is over. Opportunities will begin pouring in again. It might not be tomorrow, or the next day, but it will happen, and all I can ask is that you don't lose hope.

Maria, DiGirolamo

We are with you, #childrenofsyria! We won't forget you.

Joe A., United States of America

Our future generation depends on your resiliency, and we must provide the support you need to persevere. Stay strong, and your future will be bright. I am living proof. My grandparents survived one of the worst human atrocities in the history of human kind, the concentration camp Auschwitz. They fought for their freedom, made a new life for themselves, and built a foundation for their future generation. Now it's your turn. #nevergiveup

Marcos, Paraguay

Espero que los lideres mundiales puedan hacer algo pronto para terminar con esta crisis! Son los ninos los que tienen que pagar el precio mas alto. A ellos les debemos educación, salud y todo el apoyo que necesiten. No podemos perder toda una generación!

Ignacio, United States

I hope the humanitarian crisis in Syria comes to an end very soon. Millions of children are missing out on education, health support and access to a normal life. We must do something now! We cannot afford losing an entire generation.