Paulo, United States

I wake up every day I pray for all of you every day my heart is broken but I seen all the evil up on you children God will bless you protect you here or in heaven in my prayers continue love you all

Evelyn, United States

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Yejin Park, Korea South

I don't know anything about you guys and I don't know what you guys have gone through these past years... and I want to apologize for not knowing and for not paying attention, for not praying for you. I know it is out of your hand but please stay safe and I will be praying. Know that you all are in many people's prayers.

maya, Canada

Peace is smelling my brothers making popcorn on a Friday night, Hope is never ever giving up on your dreams and never having another world war, Peace is listening to music and dancing with my friends, Safety is playing with friends outside and not worrying if I will be home for dinner, Peace is coming home each night and knowing there is food on the table, Love is when my mom hugs me tight on a cold day, Peace is curling up in my warm safe bed and with a roof over it and having a dream

Dainearra Fallins Pryor, United States

To all of you Syrian children. I love you, my daughters love you, my son loves you. Andra Day sang a song called Rise Up. This song means so much to me because through all that you have gone through, you still rise. You smile, you laugh and play. Your are beautiful, strong, and I pray for you everyday. I love you, I love You, I love you. I know hold each of you in my heart as my own And for this everyday i leave my children with this message, : Be brave, Be smart, Be safe. I love you.

Presley , Canada

Dear kids in Syria,
Hope this brings you joy for the holidays!

Peace is:
Peace is having family dinners with warm hugs. It is being able to walk your dog outside without fearing you might get bombed or shot. It's seeing someone on the street and giving them change out of your pocket or a blanket for the cold night ahead. Peace is feeling sfe. Peace is love. Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year!
Love: Presley

Presley , Canada

Dear kids of Syria,
I hope this brings you joy for the holidays
Peace is:
Peace is having humungous family dinners and greeting everyone with warm hugs. Peace is being able to walk your dog without feeling scared that you might be bombed or shot when you step outside. Peace is when you see a homeless man on the street giving him change out your pocket or a blanket for the cold night ahead. Peace is being safe. Peace is love. Merry christmas!
Love Presley

Harmilan, Canada

peace is freshly baked cookies and other delicious blazing warm baked goods

peace is home made food with pleasing up lifting satisfying warmth

peace is field hockey and having untroubled fun

peace is hugs from my mom and dads pleasing encouraging arms

peace is the pleasing warmth and softness of my bed

Matthew, Canada

peace is the savoury aroma of my familys baked goods
peace is the heart warming sound of my cats purr
peace is the taste of my moms chiken and gravy holiday meals
peace is the joyful sensation of playing cards with my grandma
peace is the warming touch of a hog from my family
peece is the comforting fabric of my cozy bed

Susannah Wilson, United Kingdom

We have not forgotten you; we think about you every day in each country of the world.We fight for peace and give money to those who are helping you. Refugees are welcome in our towns. You are our brothers and sisters

Susannah, United Kingdom

We want you to know that we have not forgotten you. We will keep on telling our governments to help you, and keep on giving money to organisations who are trying to save you. We all think about what is happening to you, every day, in every country in the world. You are our brothers and sisters in humanity and we desperately want this to stop.

Masaraat Asif, United States

Hello my loves! I'm a high school student but I can't get my homework done right now because I keep thinking of you. I'm usually not one to cry but for some reason whenever I think of your sweet smiling faces and how you guys are suffering the worst humanity has to offer, I can't hold back my tears. I just want you guys to know that I have faith that the goodness in humanity will do something for you, and I vow to dedicate my future to help children like you - Please do not lose hope.

Guadalupe Del Rosario Martinez, United States

I have faith that the end of the destruction of your beloved country will be over. Pray, pray, pray so loud that your God will stop everything else to focus just on you. my heart breaks to hear of the losses of your loved ones and seeing how heartless people can destroy things just for power. Try to think positive honeys, everything bad soon will end. You have people from other countries who love and support you in times like these. Los queremos mucho chiquitos que su Dios los bendiga mis cielos

Grace Cheung, United Kingdom

I really wish I have the power to put a stop to wars.
I wish everyone can enjoy life without fears, sorrows, pain.
Please don't lose hope. I believe one day we will be somewhere
with no tears, no sorrows, no pain.
I pray that God will take control and give us peace.

Rosaly Muniz, United States

You will overcome this fight. You will be strong. And most importantly you will be successful. Im a 14 year old girl from Illinois and i see the news everyday and i see whats going on. Im tired of just looking at everyone suffer, I'm tired that all we do is give empathy and prayers yet we don't do nothing about it. One day i plan to go to Syria and help recreate you're beautiful home and it may not be anytime soon so please for the meantime have hope and just know, you will be okay.

Chill, Philippines

Our heart aches every time we see you angels getting hurt, being separated from your families, losing loved ones you care so much about.. We are all praying to God for your safety in this time of war. Everyday, everywhere may be full of chaos but please do not lose hope, keep living, loving and helping each other. May peace finally come especially to the hearts of those who have caused you harm. You may not know us or see us but we hope the warmth of our prayers reach you.

Lori, United States

You are so strong and brave and you do not deserve to be surrounded by war. My heart breaks for you and I hope you know you are not alone and that there are many people around the world who have not forgotten you.

Jen, Belgium

Please don't lose hope! There are many of us around the world who will try everyday to help in any way we can! Please hold on...I know it must hurt but please don't give up; we will never give up trying to help you! Remember that you will never be disregarded, that you are never forgotten and that you are one of us. Just try with every bit of strength you have to hold on.

Teresa Dabbar , United Kingdom

You are strong and courageous and cared for very much. Although you don't see us we are praying for you to always be safe and well. You do not deserve this, you do not belong in a place of war. Every single of of you are in our hearts and believe in you and are inspired by your determination to keep going. We admire you, we feel for you and in the moments when you feel the most scared, we are thinking of you hoping you are ok, you are not alone


My sincere prayers to God will always prevail that peace takes over Syria soon. If there is God hope he is watching and heals the situation ..It is disgraceful to see the acts and the photos everyday where innocent lives are being brutalised over this uncalled greed for power. May God protect the little angels and their families. From -" A human Being" on behalf of humanity..

Meher Ali, Pakistan

My loop, my wings and my swing
I'm calling your bells to ring
since I have more songs to sing
"may God save you all forever"

When you come across the heart
fill its sides from part to part
buttress walls that fall apart
and fix your roots so deep therein

My memory, my country
My summary, liberty
My soul and my olive tree
Can't live without you, Syria?

All monsters surround their prey
when brothers are in astray
leaving behind their right way
calling predators to come in

Meher Ali, Pakistan

My loop, my wings and my swing
I'm calling your bells to ring
since I have more songs to sing
"may God save you all forever"

When you come across the heart
fill its sides from part to part
buttress walls that fall apart
and fix your roots so deep therein

My memory, my country
My summary, liberty
My soul and my olive tree
Can't live without you, Syria?

All monsters surround their prey
when brothers are in astray
leaving behind their right way
calling predators to come in

Krishna , United States

You are all most precious in the eyes of Almighty God. I will keep strengthening my prayers that you all be alive and well. I will do whatever I can for your well-being and safety. Angel of Peace and Protection be with you always.

Sónia Millard, Portugal


Anisa, India

My Dearest Brothers and sisters, May Allah make it easy on all of you. May be you were very closer to the almighty than the rest of the ummah, so that allah tests you with more affiliations. Hope peace returns to you my dear ones. May he protect you and gives you patience and bless you, both in this life and the hereafter.. #with prayers and love #with_syria

Karina, Peru

You can't always be strong, but you can always be brave. Please know that there are people out there who don’t even know you that really care about you because We love you and love is stronger than death . One thing is for certain. All things change and nothing is permanent! all things change. So will your circumstances ok I promise it will change my prayers are with you xxxx

pamela michael, United States

Hello Beautiful babies and those of you becoming adults - Please know that ,although we can not be with you, millions are wrapping their arms around you in our thoughts and in our hearts. We care about you, your sisters and brothers and your parents.. When you are frightened, please think of the mothers around the world who care about you and a warm feeling will come to you. We are all connected. We think of you daily are very proud of you . Love and Peace to you from a mother in the U.S.

Caroline, France

Every time I see a child on the news that is being effected by the war in Syria I feel as if I was the mother of that child and I need to help them. I am sure other women around the world feel the same, yet we are so far away and can't protect or help them. All I can do today is to let you know that we think of you and pray for you. I hope our love will reach you somehow.

Anchi and Lizi, Georgia

"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light"
So, let's Be That ONE!



Pedro, Angola

For the children of Syria.

Camila, United Kingdom

I have been to the camps in Jordan and even with all that is going on in your country you manage to smile! You are so brave and strong. You will grow to become leaders, we believe in you! You have a future, please know that. Keep on smiling, even when you don't have a reason to. Your smile is the faith you keep alive. Stay strong. I love you all!

Brams, Belgium

Give all that they no longer had for 5 years,
a smile, a normal life like us and lots of love.

God bless you and protect you

Heather East, United States

You will get through this. You are strong. No one deserves this. You are strong! The world will aid you, even if they aren't now, the world will heal you, even if its not now. I'm sorry I can't do more than offer these words. I hope they hold truth and are held close by your soul. Peace be upon you, and your country.

Aman abid, India

Write your message to the #ChildrenofSyria
Dear lovely syrian children, you are the strongest children in the world and i am sure this war against terrorism is going to end very soon, and you all will be blessed with a bright future inshallah, keep dreaming and your dreams will surely come true, love u all

David Mwendwa, Kenya

Dear Children of syria,
You will find hope in the darkest of days and focus in the brightest if you lay your trust in God .May you trust upon Him always and he will take away your sorrows and replace them with endless joy.You are truly destined for greatness.God bless you and may His peace be upon you.

Kids Yun, Vietnam

Hello our babies... I hope all of you will stay strong and stronger than now! You can do it, right?? Do you know that we really admire your spirit and your heart? So please try your best to continue fighting for your life and keep smiling until you are not able to do anymore! I always think of you guys, and pray for you day by day! Love you so much <3


You have no idea how much I love. No idea. You are my favourite and I hope one day I can take you all on a tour around the world. You are so special, always have been.

Ameera Fouad, Egypt

With only faith , one can stand in darkness,
With only faith , one could survive all blackness,
With one faith , you could smile and hide your tears ,
With only faith , you are the future hope and prospects,
With only faith , you are the generation that will be the opposite of all odd,
With only faith , all humans stand by you ,,,,
With only faith, keep this little heart boom with love
I love you , God Bless you

Leonardo Alves, Brazil

You still have a chance, you can change, fight and follow your dreams!

Jéssica, Brazil

Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers, to turn on the light.

Hector, Brazil

I know life may seem hard right now and impossible to deal with, but things get worse before getting better, new things are coming, the future is going to be great one day and you will be happy again.

Samara, Brazil

Hi! I'm Samara, and I've heard about what's happening to you, so I want you to know that I hope the war ends where you live! you are an inspiration to us! Kisses!

Maria Eduarda Zonaro, Brazil

Hi! My name is Maria Eduarda Zonaro, I study English at CNA Louveira. And I want to say to you that what really matters is be happy! I hope you can celebrate everyday! Kisses!

Mariany, Brazil

Hello! My name is Mariany! I know you suffer but you can be happy, do you know how? By getting this message: I hope you all be happy! Kisses from Mariany

Pedro Moreira, Brazil

Hi! My name is Pedro, and I want to send a message for you: Children create happiness! So try to be happy! and to be strong! Bye

Maria, Brazil

I hope you be very happy and enjoy your days, be happy! Kisses!

Caio Palhares de Campos, Brazil

You are fantastic, friends, and beautiful. You are the love of the planet!

Danielly Rodrigues Reis, Brazil

Friends, lost of love to you! be cool, have faith, you are beautiful.

Lauren, Brazil

Hello, have faith to get over this!

Rafael Rodrigues da Silva, Brazil

Have faith!!! I love you, friends! You are beautiful.

Derreck, Brazil

Have faith and be cool!

Giovana C. de Assis, Brazil

Have faith, patience and love. ♥

Miguel Mello Ferraz, Brazil

Have faith, friends! Love

Maria Clara de Jesus, Brazil

Hello friends, have faith, you are beautiful, we love you!

Daniel Sanches Ara, Brazil

Friends, have faith!

Lucas Corrêa, Brazil

Hello, have faith and patience! ♥

Elis, Brazil

Everything will be fine, may God bless you all!

Laura, Brazil

Everything will be fine!! ♥

Henrique, Brazil

God bless you, everything will be fine.

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