17, Italy

This broke my heart.No one should suffer,above all children!I pray for this children and their families every day.

Candelaria, Argentina

Its your life what millions are trying to take away from you todayduring this political conflict. You are in my prayers, in my thoughts, in my hopes, every hour of every day. Don´t give up, don´t let them take the only thing that´s yours. Hold on and try your best, because though it may seem at this time nothing is worth hoping for, nothing is worth fighting for, i can assure you that eaven in the hardest struggle, life always gives you more than it can take away.

Michael, United States

The state Syria is in, is hard to think about but I am simply a person spectating, my name is Michael and even though I am not experiencing your current situation I could only emphasize the emotions of children everywhere in Syria. This is what emotions I think people in Syria are feeling, confused feeling as if the intense problem is a nightmarish dream, then the fear of realizing this is real and after grieving, but, even though this is now happening you have continue for others who could not.

Nicholas, United States

Sorry, I ran out of room to keep typing! I wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers. The war will end! But in the meantime, have hope and believe in God the Father!
Stay Strong!
Nicholas Becker

muna, United States

I just learned what is going on in Syria and how you guys are affected. Some of you don't have family and don't have family and thats sad. I dont know what I would do if I were you and think that you are handling this great you work and you try to learn. I think You are brave.

Ellliott Ness, United States

Hello my name is Elliott Ness form i am a sixth grader from minnesota. i have no idea what what you are feeling and i hope you have safe and warm place to stay. i think of you every day and hope the war will end soon. stay safe and in school.


I hope everyone is safe. I am going to be praying for everyone that is over there. Stay strong and don't lose hope because god will take care of you and will protect you from everything.

Triston, United States

I am a sixth grader in Minnesota. We are learning about you in school. Hope that the war will be over soon. You are going through really tough times. Just hold on a little longer. Hopefully you can stay warm and get enough food.

Sydney , United States

Everyone in America is thinking of you and what you are going through. No one can even imagine what you're experiencing. Stay strong, this will all be over soon.I am praying and thinking of you every day.

celina , United States

I am so sorry you have to be in this situation.Everyday I pray that things will get better. You are very brave. Stay strong!

Caleb :), United States

my name is Caleb, i've heard that you are going through a really tough and sad time. It's hard to hear what you are going through and i want to help.:(

Paige, United States

Hi my name is Paige I am a 6th grade student and I just learned about what is happening over there. I am so sorry to hear that. I wish that you don't have to experience that. The war will end someday but until then don't give up hope. I am thinking of you everyday and wishing that it gets better over there.

Trevor ,

Hi my name is Trevor a 6th grade student in Minnesota, I've been learning about your tough times in Syria, Turkey, Iraq or wherever you are. It has been 5 years since you were in war just hang in there it will be over soon and you will always be in ours prayers to help you guys end the war. You can help by praying or hope that it will be over

Bailey Brokaw, United States

I know what is happening some of you have lost your parents. But i pray for you every night before I go to bed. And I know you guys can get through this. I can't even imagine losing one of my parents yet some of you lost both. Your school education has mostly been destroyed and that is very sad because everyone deserves a education. Some of your homes have been destroyed by the bombs. and some of you have seen and herd terrible things. my best hopes and dreams go to you.

Kyrsten Whims , United States

Hi my name is Kyrsten i'm learning about whats going on in Syria. I send all my prayers out to you. Stay strong! it will get better. . Please note that we are all thinking and praying for you. I hope you are safe and sound. This war will end soon!

Nicholas, United States

Hello. My name is Nicholas and I am a 6th grader at Pioneer Ridge Middle School. I have learned about you in my L.A. class. I truly believe that you are amazing and incredible children. You have stayed strong in this tough time and you have stayed positi. I can't even start to fathom what you have been through. And I know if this would happen to me, I don't know what I would do. I hope you know that me and everyone in my class is hoping that you can return to your old life in Syria.


Hello, im a 6th grader and I just letting you guys and gals know that you are all in our hearts and minds. You kids are a re super strong and keep that way the rest of your life. This will be over shortly and you will all be safe. All my hopes are with you.

Jarod, United States

I feel really bad for you and it must be hard for you and i think it would be hard to bbe in your shoes. My name is Jarod i'm a 6th grader and I hope you are ok on the other side of the world. I also hope that you will find a new or old home. Plus that you can be happy one of these days and have a new or old family And that you would be happy some day.

nate, United States

hi my name is nate, stand strong you can get through this do the best you can the best is yet to come i will pray for you.

Reid mathers, United States

Children of Syria aways keep you your hop up and remember that people in the US care and i care. Also let God's grace and glory shine upon you for the rest of your life. Be safe and keep warm. Remember that always look for the silver lining (always look for a good point.

Lots of hope and care for you all Reid Mathers

Julia, United States

You will win this battle in the end, it will all work out. Maybe things are very hard right now, lost your family, or maybe don't feel like you are at home at the moment. But you will make a family and you will find a home to live in. I hope and pray for you all in this horrible incredible world we live in.

Maddie B., United States

Stay strong and hold on this will end soon. Keep working for your family and earn money. Go to school it will help you live a better life. Keep yourself occupied and play games and keep you imagination running, think of great things to help your country. We will always think about you in the United States. If all else fails stand strong and carry on. It will get better. And don't forget YOU can make a difference.

Emma , United States

Hi my name is Emma and I live in the United States and I am 12 years old, please know that you are in my prayers. I am thinking of you always. Please always believe that there is always hope in the world. Always stay strong no matter what happens in the world and always believe that this will end.

Alessandro, United States

I hope you soon get a peaceful life and that you know you are never forgotten. I wish you the best and that you get the back the wonderful life you deserve. I hope your lost ones are in a better place.

Amanda Christensen, United States

My name is Amanda and I'm a sixth grader in Minnesota. I just want to tell you this: Don't give up hope! It hopefully will be over soon. Try to keep yourselves occupied in free time. Get your mind off the loneliness inside you. Make some friends! When you're sad, go talk with them, make a story, learn about each other! I'll always think of you. Best wishes!

Landon, United States

I feel so bad for you guys it sounds so hard in your shoes over here in america we are thinking of you guys i am a 6th grade student in pioneer ridge middle school in minnesota i hope you guys will have a better future for your country

Bennett, United States

HI my name is Bennett I'm form the United States.I'm praying for this all to stop. I wish I could do more for you. I hope you are safe and have food. Please know we are praying for you. I know how it feels to loses a family member I've been through it to. But I know it is impossible for me too know how you are doing.I hope you get better and stay warm. I hope it's over soon!

Nicholas Carrillo, United States

Hello! My name is Nicholas, I've heard that you children are going through a terrible war in Syria. Stay Strong! You are in my prayers! I hope you'll be able to find happiness again! It will get better! Please hold it together for a little bit longer!

Kenyatta Brannon, United States

you're going through a tough time right now be the one that can make a change stand strong and believe never give up if your friend has no hope give them hope

Jaiden Mollett, United States

Hi my name is Jaiden, i want to help you people i am going to do something about this madness stand strong it will all end! I will tell my church and we will pray and make sore you guys will be ok i can promiseyou will be ok

Ms. Aquino, United States

Please know that I think of you every day. My prayers are with you. Stay strong. This will end!

ehsan, Azerbaijan

HI my name is ehsan . im from AZERBAIJAN (Tabriz city) . I am always hoping and praying that the war will end so that you'll be able to return home.I hope comes back soon, peace and freedom of the Syrian people and children.
Your child Syria today. Tomorrow will be the future of your country.
In hopes of happier days.
Azerbaijani people love you all <3 <3 <3

?, Bahamas


Jesus Gonzalez, United States

Your cvoices are heard

Louis, Canada

Votre courage et votre résilience sont une source intarissable d'inspiration pour le monde entier. Nous sommes de tout cœur avec vous, vous êtes nos sœurs et nos frères. Gardez espoir. Que la paix revienne, que l'amour triomphe. Je vous aime.

Aleksandra, Bulgaria

We as humans should always support each other no matter what. We as humans should do whatever we can to prevent things like this from happening. We as humans should stick together and make the change. We as humans should BE humans for a start.

Jasmin, Philippines

I am always hoping and praying that the war will end so that you'll be able to return home. Though your innocence has been lost,I still hope that it will be a bright future that will be ahead of you.

hussen, Sweden

سوريا جنة الله على الأرض :(
ستعودي يا حبيبتي سوريا ♥

Imene Boudali, Tunisia

I saw your stories and i was very touched! Your are the bravest people i've ever seen, even though you're living a life full of fear and sadness. Don't give up, your smiles are brighter than any war in this world ! You are beautiful, talented and i hope you'll find true happiness after all this drama. I wish i could help and work at a refugee camp with the syrian children, if anyone have any idea or contact how to be part of their lives please email me : We love you!

Zaheerabbas, India

My name is Zaheerabbas , I'm 25 year old & I'm from India. After seeing the pictures of Syria, tears in my eyes. Please end this war & stop killing innocent children. God is seeing everything . I wish we could help stay strong #Nevergiveup your dreams.

Karen, United Kingdom

No voice is strong enough to express the pain in my heart and tears in my eyes as I see what has befallen the children of Syria.
They are some of the strongest people on the planet, each year without proper education hurts this generation. Imagine our background that we hear of trouble, 2 months later lose our career, our house, then family broken, they need hope! Yet we give them not we give them so little imagine if it was our son/daughter/sister/brother

Raissa, Brazil

My name is Raissa, I'm from Brasil, and I'm part o group of a social actions. I saw a video showing the situation of the children and it moved me. I want to help, and ai will help. Me and my friends will find a way to do this, donate money, clothes, anything we can. Children, parents of this children, people of Syria and near countries, don't give up, still having hope, be brave. I don't know anyone of you, but I want you to know that I will do my best to help you.

Nancy Bayer, United States

I felt compelled to each out to you today after reading about the disruption & destruction going around you.
Angeles come in many forms & many ways. I know in my heart all of you have Angeles with you.
Take heart. Better days will come. May not feel like it right now. But this will come to pass. Stay strong in your faith.

Nattapong, Thailand

HELLO.My name is Nattapong . My nickname is Eak . I wish the war could be end . All of you should never give up and the day when the war end . I hope to see all of you rise again . Good Luck . #ChildrenofSyria

Lolimar, Venezuela

Qué el sol pronto salga para ustedes y permanesca, y podamos un dia juntos cantar una canción o muchas de amor simultáneamente en todo el mundo.

Mihai Enea, Romania

...this world is our children's world.
We don't have the right to destroy it, we don't have the right to destroy them or their future, we don't have the right to do nothing but watch.
Every child should have at least what we had. Our only purpose in life is to make sure of that.

Naiki, Mexico

Hi, my name is Naiki, I'm an 18-year-old girl from Mexico. I pray that things change for you, all kids deserve to live their life with freedom, and I happiness. I have the strong believe that kids should not pay for the adult's mistakes. You deserve a better future.

João Vieira, Brazil

Hey guys. I've just saw a picture of a little Syrian girl that commoved me. If you can hear me, I just want to wish you courage to go ahead and never give up of your dreams and your happiness. The world is watching you and lots of people are being inspired by you to try to make things more lovely and to provide a better way to live and convive. You can trust me guys, from this side of the world we have a strong connection with you all. We love you =) A big hug!

Danijela, Croatia

Heroes of today,
I wanted to send you some more strength so you can continue having your own interests and dreams,
but the fact is, you have more of it than me. Sometimes I'm also hunted with alarm sounds and gunshots, but either they exist in my imagination or in an unreal virtual world. Sometimes masks are the only thing I see on human faces, and I see that they leave scars in your families. It's unbelievable how your motivation and the will hide the broken smiles you have. Keep them on.

Kate Leannah, United States

Dear children,
I saw a video about a girl who is in one of the refugee camps. She was talking about how life where she is is not like Syria. It's true, and I am sad for you. I am also sorry for how the world has destroyed your life as you knew it. I don't know how to help or comfort you. But I pray to Jesus, the Savior of the World, that he will be with you and comfort you. He is greater than any other person. Pray to Jesus! He will save you from sin, and ask him to rescue you.

Federigo Enriques, United Kingdom

I'm Federigo from the UK. Browsing on the internet i ran into your stories. I read about your struggle and the things you need to to everyday to survive. I can only imagine that after 4 years this has become a reality for you, your daily routine. I wish i could do more for you than just donating money.People need to open their eyes and see how the other half lives. And only then, they can decide whether to turn their back on their brothers and sisters.

Nicole, Netherlands

Dear children,

My name is Nicole, I'm 18 years old and I'm from the Netherlands. I get so sad hearing about your situation if only I could take some of your pain away.. I can't imagine how hard it must be to live without your parents. Please keep having faith in the future. You are so strong. Hope is the only thing stronger than fear. Know that you're not alone. People all over the world are thinking about you and praying for you. I hope soon thing will get better. Stay strong.

Deanna, Australia

Hello! I am sending you greetings from Sydney, Australia. I have only recently learned of your situation in Syria. Please know that no matter how dire the situation looks on the outside for you that there is always hope! There is a mother on the other side of the world praying and thinking of you. Hold your head up, know you were created with value and purpose.

Autumn , United States

Hello my name Autumn and I am a 6th grader our class is learning about the tough times you kids are going through.Stuff happens for a reason and we need to get through it even when it is hard, So please don't give up on hope.We are praying here in Minnesota for you guys. I know you guys have been in war for 5 years now just keep hanging on a little bit longer and i wish the best that you can go to a school before you get older. The war will end soon. Just believe

Yadira, United States

hi i am Yadira and a girl .I am in 6th grade and i have one sister that is in preschool. i know what you are going through and we know that war will stop . stay strong and never give up your dreams. dont forget never give up your dreams.

Skylar , United States

Hello my name is Skylar i have been learning about what is happening to you in your home country and feel so very bad. I am in the 6th grade just like you might be, but can not relate to what you go through everyday. It saddens me to hear that people around the globe live in such horrible conditions and see death as an every day thing. I know this will not do you much but i hope it will lift your spirits. I want everyone to know that i am wishing you the best

Best Wishes

Maicy, United States

Hello my name is maicy I am sorry about what is happening to your family and friends. Hope you feel better. I wish the war could be over and you would be all better.

Kayla, United States

Hi my name is Kayla, I am a six grader in Minnesota. We have been learning about the horrible destruction that your country is having. I feel very bad for you and I deeply wish I could help! This makes me very sad because this has been going on for 5 years!! You can still live your life to the fullest when this war is OVER! All I need to tell you is that you still have hope! I hope this all goes down quickly and the war can just end. Now I hope that you know that I am thinking of you guys.

Anthony, United States

Sorry what happen in Syria. I hop the war is over and you get your home back and go to school. I hop you to see your family and friends.

Kyle , United States

Hey my name is Kyle and i'm a 6th grade boy i'm from Chaska Minnesota its unfortunate what you guys are going through i wish we could help stay strong.

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