At 6 years old, Syrian boy Abdullah has already a job

Abdullah, 6, fled his home with his mother, father, three brothers and three sisters as a result of the conflict that was threatening their town. Abdullah is not currently going to school and instead spends his days helping his father to mend stoves in his shop. His father said, “Abdullah learned how to clean and […]

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Syrian refugee children at work in the fields in Lebanon

Thousands of Syrian refugee children, some as young as 7, spend their days working in the fields in Lebanon. In this photo story, children and women are harvesting potatoes in the Bekaa Valley, where they earn as little as USD $2 a day. The children arrive at work on the farm first thing in the […]

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Life on the streets when you should be in the class

GAZIANTEP, Turkey – Dotted around the parks and streets of towns in southern Turkey, there are Syrian children selling small packets of tissues. They loiter in parks and on street corners, hoping passers-by will take pity and give them a Turkish Lira (TL) ($0.4) or two. The total number of Syrians in Turkey is over […]

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Baseline Assessment of Child Labour among Syrian Refugees in Za’atari Refugee Camp – Jordan

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Child labourers becoming invisible in Za’atari

PRESS RELEASE Click to download report  ZA’ATARI CAMP, Jordan 11th June 2015 – The sight of Syrian children working in Za’atari refugee camp is so common that there is a danger of tolerance and acceptance to child labour, warns a new report released today by UNICEF Jordan and Save the Children International. The ‘Assessment of […]

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Syrian children in Jordan forced to take on adult roles

JORDAN VALLEY- The sun burns off the early morning mist to reveal a barren landscape punctuated by fields of bright green. This is the Jordan Valley, the food bowl of the country, where crops grow all year-round. This fertile land generates jobs. Sultan, a 12-year old from Hama central Syria, collects water from a plastic […]

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