Hard-to-reach children in Iraq vaccinated against polio

By Gopinath Durairajan Anbar Province, Iraq, 01 April, 2014- Despite ongoing civil unrest and security threats, UNICEF, the Ministry of Health and other partners have carried out a supplementary polio vaccination campaign in the western province of Anbar, on the border with Syria. Health workers fanned out in the hard-to-reach areas and successfully vaccinated 56,273 children […]

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The stories you never forget

Field Diary By Widad Hussein, UNICEF Jordan Amman, Jordan, 31 March 2014 – “Please ma’am, can I share with you my story?” Seven year-old Ahmad (name changed) said with a very shy face. We were on a visit to a school in Jordan’s capital, Amman. It was the afternoon shift for Syrian students. “Yes, of […]

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Razan dreams of her favourite red dress

By Ayberk Yurtsever Adana, April, March 2014 – Many Syrian children who fled their country had to leave home in a hurry – and leave their most precious belongings behind. Those things — a dress, a book or a toy — are now just a memory. But 9-year-old Razan cannot forget her favourite dress. Her […]

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الأطفال السوريين الذين يصعب الوصول إليهم في العراق يتلقون مطعوم ضد شلل الأطفال

بقلم: جوبيناث دورارجان محافظة الأنبار، العراق، 1 نيسان/ أبريل 2014 – على الرغم من الاضطرابات المدنية والتهديدات الأمنية المستمرة قامت اليونيسف ووزارة الصحة وغيرهما من الشركاء بإطلاق حملة تكميلية للتلقيح ضد شلل الأطفال في محافظة الأنبار غرب العراق على الحدود مع سوريا. وقد انتشر العاملون الصحيون في المناطق التي يصعب الوصول إليها حيث تم تلقيح […]

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