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الخبر باللغة العربية

Amman – 2 November 2013 – Today marks the first day of a 3 week national vaccination campaign against Measles, Rubella and Polio. Those aged six months to twenty years will receive Measles and Rubella, while children under five years of age will be immunized against polio. 

The target is to reach 3.4 million people with the free vaccines across the country’s 12 governorates and refugee camps.

“This campaign will provide people throughout the country with protection against potentially fatal diseases. It’s vital that all young people take this opportunity to get immunized,” said the Minister of Health, Dr. Ali Hiyasat, at a launch ceremony in the Amman health care center.

The event was attended by representatives from government, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), as well as committee members who were involved in the preparation of the campaign.

“Each year, over 1.4 million children die from diseases that are preventable with readily available vaccines,” said UNICEF Jordan Representative, Rozanne Chorlton. “Staying up to date with routine immunizations is critically important, as has been highlighted by the recent polio cases inside Syria,” she added.

“Children who are immunized are protected from these dangerous diseases, which can often lead to disability or death,” said World Health Organization Representative, Dr Akram Ali Eltom, “Early protection is critical and all young people have the right to this protection,” he added.

“Disease can spread quickly when people are crowded together and when displacement interrupts routine health programmes. All refugee children, including those living in congested conditions, should be fully immunized ” said UNHCR representative, Andrew Harper.

An intensive awareness campaign was conducted in the build-up to the launch using media, posters and flyers to highlight the importance of being immunized. Two dedicated hotlines have also been established and are available 24 hours a day for the public.

The vaccination campaign was funded by UNICEF and WHO Jordan thanks to the US Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (BPRM), Australia, UK AID, Canadian Government, Japan, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Sida Sweden, Government of Germany through KfW and USA fund for UNICEF.

For more information please contact:

Samir Badran, UNICEF Jordan Communications Specialist, Tel: +962 (0) 796 926 180

Dr Ahmed Darwesh, WHO, Tel: 0795767463,

Ms. Frauke RILLER UNHCR Jordan External Relations Officer (+962) 79 – 684 45 37


Share and raise awareness on #ChildrenofSyria
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