1 in 3 Syrian children have grown up knowing only crisis as conflict reaches 5 year point – UNICEF

AMMAN/NEW YORK, 14 March 2016 – An estimated 3.7 million Syrian children – 1 in 3 of all Syrian children – has been born since the conflict began five years ago, their lives shaped by violence, fear and displacement, according to a UNICEF report. This figure includes more than 151,000 children born as refugees since 2011……

MAKING OF #ImagineaSchool

The filming of #ImagineaSchool took place across Lebanon in the summer of 2016. Take a look behind the scenes and find out how it all started and why UNICEF initiated the project.

Voices of Children


An entire generation of children in Syria and neighboring countries is in grave danger, and unless we act now, may be lost forever, with profound consequences for Syria, the region, and beyond. The #childrenofsyria need to go to school. They need protection. They need support. And their future depends on it. .

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